The Triangle House Rabbit Meetup group is selling bulbs this year as a fundraiser for Rabbit Day to be held February 2009. If you like to garden or want to try planting some bulbs in your yard this year please help support Rabbit Day by purchasing from our fundraiser! The money will be used to help cover the costs of Rabbit Day and any extra money will be donated to the participating rescues. For each purchase 50% will go to the Triangle House Rabbit Meetup group! If you don’t garden please pass on to any friends that do.

Check out our website HERE.

Rabbit Day is an adoption event held each year at Animall in Raleigh, NC. It is an all day adoption event featuring adoptable rabbits from several local rescues. Last year we had several rabbits find great new homes, raised money for the rescue groups and helped educate the public on proper care for rabbits.