I am trying to get the Disney World pictures done as quickly as possible so I think I will do a post for each park. Don’t expect a post daily! It takes a long time to go through and upload all these pictures.

So for those of you that don’t know Casey and I got back on Saturday from a week in Disney World! I started talking about going last year when I found out they were doing the free on your birthday promotion. I kept hinting about going to Casey since my birthday was on a Sunday. Well, a few months ago he mentioned to his sister Melanie that I wanted to go to Disney World and she told him they were thinking of going too. So it began. We decided to all go together and after much debate decided on the first week of October for several reasons, but the bonus was we would be there for not only my birthday, but also the twins 6th birthday! We were a bit worried it would be too hot, but it was October so the temp should be around 85….. yeah right. Try 94 with a heat index of 104. Yuck. Double Yuck. Heat wave that never went away! What luck! We had a great time, but it would have been a bit better with a little less heat and humidity.

Melanie, Richard and the kids drove down on Friday and hit Magic Kingdom first thing Saturday morning. Casey and I decided to fly down Saturday morning. We had the Magical Express pick us up and it went very smoothly. We were at Disney by 10:30 (I think, maybe 11:00). We decided to meet the others at The Wilderness Lodge which was where we had booked our first meal at Whispering Canyon. Casey and I were expecting the kids to be surprised to see us because they didn’t know we were coming, but all our conversations with Melanie on the phone had made them aware of the fact we were there! They didn’t know we were staying the whole week so they were excited to find out we didn’t make a trip to Florida to see them for one day. 🙂

After lunch we went to Magic Kingdom and it was a long day. It was our only day to catch the SpectroMagic Parade and the Fireworks shows. We were lucky enough to see Tinkerbell fly down from the castle! It was awesome.

The next day was my birthday and we went to Magic Kingdom for the day. We got up early so we could see them open the park. Casey and I went back to the room mid-day for a little nap since we were planning to stay in the park until midnight for magic hours. We met up with the others for dinner at Boma in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Boma has African and American foods so it was fun trying some new things. We also had many desserts (this would continue for the whole week). They would bring out a dessert for all three of us birthday “kids” at each meal. Hey, at Disney you celebrate your birthday every day! This is my kind of birthday. Casey and I went back to the Magic Kingdom after dinner expecting the crowds to be a bit thinner, but no such luck. I couldn’t believe how many people had little kids out at midnight! I was able to get a few night shots and we rode a few rides.

Our last day at the Magic Kingdom was on the twin’s birthday, our second to last day of the vacation. They got up early and went to the Magic Kingdom to be transformed into a priness and a pirate. We met up with them and we all went to The Polynesian for breakfast at Ohana. It was a character meal with Pluto, Mickey, Lilo and Stitch. Lots of fun and a great breakfast. Casey and I didn’t stay at Magic Kingdom too long after breakfast because we were heading to Downtown Disney for the night. We had tickets for Cirque du Soleil and dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s. I really wanted to take the balloon ride at Downtown Disney, but by the time we got out of dinner the winds had picked up too much and the ride was closed. Maybe next time!

HERE is my Magic Kingdom album. Enjoy!