So I noticed that each of my posts about Disney World is getting shorter than the last! I guess that is what happens when you write about your trip weeks after you get back! I was really excited about Epcot mostly because it is more of an adult park and one that I didn’t really appreciate the last time I was in Disney. We spent our first day exploring the front section called Future World. Future world has a lot of science type rides and exhibits. The back section is the World Showcase which is where we went for lunch our first day. We went to Norway to have lunch with the princesses! I was so excited to see that Belle was greeting everyone. However after walking in the heat and standing outside waiting to get in I was soaked in sweat and water form some kids water fan. So the picture is pretty bad and I refuse to post it. 🙂 Don’t worry b/c the next day I ran into Belle in France and got a picture with her. She wasn’t in her yellow dress though, this was the pre-princess Belle. Anyway, the boys weren’t too excited about eating with the princesses, but I think they all got a bit excited when they came over to the table to talk to us (the young boys, not the adults although I am sure they liked the princesses too). Ariel, Snow White and Princess Aurora (better known as Sleeping Beauty) each came to our table and took a picture with Karley who was also dressed as a princess. That evening Casey and walked around the world showcase enjoying the food from the Food and Wine Festival. The best part was we could use our snack credits to try the various meals. We ended the night with the fireworks show – Illuminations.

The second day at Epcot Casey and I explored the World Showcase spending some time at each country. We also took a boat over to the Boardwalk area and then walked back. Nothing too exciting. For dinner we went Mexcio and ate under the stars and the ruins. Casey really enjoyed his steak. He still talks about it.

HERE is my Epcot Album.