Photo Shoot – Liam and Kaylee

So the weather refuses to co-operate with me! I was supposed to take Kaylee’s pictures last weekend, but it ended up being so cold and a bit rainy so we had to cancel. It was for the best because the leaves were much prettier this past weekend. I was planning to take Liam’s pictures on Saturday, but once again rain. So I took both on Sunday. The weather was supposed to be partly cloudy. I think wral had in their description, “some high clouds, but lots of blue skys”. Hmmm….. no sun all day. Yeah, clouds are actually better for pictures, but it was a bit dark for most of Liam’s.

Liam was my first attempt at photographing a moving baby. It is a bit more challenging, but I think with a bit more practice I can get it! Better light and a bit warmer temps would have helped some. It won’t be long until Kaylee is crawling so I better figure out how to occupy the movers. We took Liam’s pictures at Crowder Park in Apex and Kaylee’s at Historic Oakview Park in Raleigh.

I am trying to learn more about Elements so the processing is going a bit slow. I should be able to move through them a bit faster now, but here are my favorites so far of each.

 DSC_0078 copy DSC_0089 copy copy DSC_0242 copy DSC_0260 copy

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  1. Lindsay, I’m really impressed with your pics!! You should totally look into a career change…

  2. I agree with Chandra! These are great pics! Love the write ups on Disney too! Love the pics!