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A summary of the first trimester:

Weight Gained – Hmm…. a lot, according to the doctor 5 lbs, but according to me about 8 lbs!! I lost about 4-5 pounds on my no dairy, no wheat, no sugar diet and quickly gained it back when I started eating those foods again! Plus the normal first trimester weight gain.

Maternity Clothes? Nope! My own clothes the whole time even though I gained so much weight! I wear baggy jeans. 😉

Morning/Afternoon/All day sickness? Nope! Very lucky on this one.

Other symptoms – Fatigue!! I had to take a nap every afternoon and was in bed by 9. Nothing got done around the house, nothing! I had no energy or desire to do anything.

Food Aversions – Anything made with tomatoes, 90% of vegetables, anything I had to cook

Cravings – Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich, Subway veggie delight, bagel with cream cheese, pepperoni, pretty much anything full of fat, dairy and carbs

Worst Part – The lower back pain I developed around 7 weeks, nerve pain, but my chiropractor fixed me up, I love her! Oh, and lying to everyone!

Best Part – Seeing the baby twice and how much it grew in 5 weeks! Hearing the heartbeat.

From our first trimester genetic screening:

 Scan1_edited-1 Scan1 - edit 2 Scan1 edit 3

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  1. I love that your food aversions are “anything you had to cook!” That pretty much sums up my NON-Pregnant Food aversions! We are so happy for you both, can’t wait to meet Baby Blackburn! 🙂