17 weeks and not much new to report other than Casey is sick AGAIN!! Yes, this is the third or fourth time he has been sick since I got pregnant. I can’t keep track anymore, but seems like at least once a month. My poor immune system can’t take much more fighting! For those that don’t know, your immune system is weaker when you are pregnant so you don’t kill off the baby since it is half foreign. I try really hard to take all my vitamins (prenatal, calcium, omega 3 with DHA, probiotic and digestive enzymes). I also wash my hands all the time and avoid touching my face as much as possible, but it doesn’t help to have germ boy living with me. 🙂 It is only a matter of time until one of these bugs he brings home gets me and then he will be dealing with a very unhappy and angry pregnant lady. I have asked him to please take vitamins, eat better, sleep more and wash his hands!! So far it hasn’t worked, but maybe he is finally growing tired of being sick and like I said if I end up sick he will really regret it. I am pushing for him to see a doctor to get to the bottom of this issue. I want him to get some blood work to see if anything is off and also to check his vitamin D levels. So, feel free to give him hell and tell him to stop trying to make me sick! I am not a fan of the flu vaccines and haven’t gotten them, but I am thinking I need to make sure Casey gets them since he can’t seem to fight off anything lately.

As for pregnancy stuff, still no belly. I just look bloated and most of the time I am! Maybe I will pop by 20 weeks…. I was going to post pictures today, but that was a disaster last night so I will try tomorrow when I have better light and a helper that isn’t sick. I got my maternity shirts from Gap and Old Navy and yuk! I suppose they will look better when I actually have a belly, but right now they look like shirts that are way too long. I am not really feeling the maternity clothes and all my clothes still fit so I don’t know what to do. I have had to add the Be Band to a couple pairs of jeans, but I still have 2 pairs that fit without it. Let’s see, no movement yet at least that I have noticed. No cravings. I really haven’t had many cravings. I am still sleeping well other than the cat feeling the need to sleep on my head. No aches or pains yet. No complaints really. I will post some pictures tomorrow or Friday.