I managed to get a picture of the “belly” today. I put it in black and white because I look less scary in black and white. It is winter, I have no tan and the lighting wasn’t great in the room. As you can see there really is no belly yet. I do look wider, but that is about it for now.

 DSC_0489 copy

I have become a little obsessed with organizing the house. The room that will become the nursery is now my guest/junk room. I need to figure out where to put all that stuff! Our house lacks much storage space -linen closets, storage closets, etc. Our attic is awesome, but it gets so hot up there in the summer that I am limited in what I can store up there. Plus I don’t want to be going up and down the steps for things I need. My mission is to make space where there isn’t currently space. I thought it would be a nice, quick weekend project, but it is going to take awhile. I started in the attic. The first thing was to remove the stuff I don’t really need or use anymore and donate it. I like to do this twice a year so things don’t get too out of control up there. I then started to organize the remaining items. Then it turned into building two shelves, which involved another trip to Lowe’s. After installing them we decided to add some racks to hang a few things, but that will be for next weekend. So the attic is about half way finished. I will take some pictures so you can see it before and after. Now, this doesn’t exactly solve my current problem of figuring out where to put the stuff in the junk room.

I decided to install another shelf in the laundry closet which will open up a bit more space in my closet. I bought a storage armoire to put in the dining room and I am searching for some type of storage cabinet for the bonus room. I haven’t had much luck finding things I like in my price range. I am hoping I will find a few places for most of the stuff in the junk room. I guess I have to wait until all my new furniture arrives and I start putting things away. Oh, and it looks like the bunnies will lose half of their room. I really hate to do it, but I need to put something in there for storing our office supplies. Maybe I won’t have to do it, but it isn’t looking good. So that is a whole other project. We will be making a lot more trips to Lowe’s!

Lastly, I need to make some major changes to the baby’s closet. Right now it is a complete waste of space. We bought the 3-6’ Rubbermaid closet kit which was on sale at Lowe’s this week. We can’t really work on that until I get all the stuff out of the room and closet. As if it wasn’t complicated enough the closet has a slanted ceiling thanks to the roof. I will take pictures of that too.

Too bad I have to work! I could get a lot more done if I didn’t work. 🙂