Tomorrow will be week 19 and today was our big scan as you can see from my previous post. So here are a few pictures of my expanding belly and some from the ultrasound today. Here are a few updates for week 19.

Weight gained – 15 pounds

Cravings – nothing until I hear/see something…. after watching Chuck tonight I need Cheese Balls, last week was Pop Tarts (thanks Chandra for that one!)

Maternity clothes – not yet, but getting close!

New Symptoms – clumsy I drop everything including my entire plate of food the other night as seen below… also occasional acid reflux, but nothing too terrible

Still nesting like a crazy woman

Baby Pictures:
 Scan10001 copy Scan10001-1 copy Scan10006_edited-1 Scan10005_edited-1

My belly:

 DSC_0537 copy

My mess, it was all on my and floor at one point. I had already started to clean up when the pictures were taken:

 DSC_0519 DSC_0512