This weekend I went to the Kids Exchange. It was crazy! I couldn’t believe all the stuff they had for sale. Mom and I went Friday and just picked up a few little outfits. There were tables and tables of toys, but I really didn’t know what I wanted and we didn’t want to be there all day. Plus it is hard to know what I will need at this point. I decided to go again today since everything was 50% off. Casey and I were there early and waited in the long line to get in. We went straight for the clothes. I know I will get tons of clothes, but I wanted to get some too. I went for the larger sizes since I already have a lot of little stuff people have given me. I picked up about 18 outfits and then we went to the infant tables. I picked up a few things for my friend that is also pregnant. I also grabbed a few socks, hats, towels and wash clothes. It was all so cheap I couldn’t resist. I got all of this for $35 including tax!!


I spent most of the weekend cleaning and nesting again. I am so close now. I have pretty much everything out of the nursery and into its new place or area. I have a few projects I need to work on so I can’t get it all put away until I finish those. I feel much better knowing I am close! The baby’s closet is pretty much done, but I need to make some final decisions on my shelf placement. The closet now only has baby stuff in it which is a huge improvement! I will post pictures eventually when it is all done.