The Belly Has Arrived!

Yep, all the sudden it just popped out a bit more. I am still in the odd is she pregnant or just a bit overweight stage in normal clothes. I have my tight clothes on here, but in regular shirts I can still go either way. Speaking of shirts, I am running out of them!! We didn’t get the pictures done yesterday and this one is horrible, but I had to take it. I decided to do some yoga after work so I put on my yoga pants and tank top. The pants used to be a bit loose and the shirt was long and loose. I expected the pants to be more snug, but was in shock when I put on the shirt! Boy was that shirt stretched out!! Short and very tight. So I guess I am bigger than I realize.

 DSC_0578 copy

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  1. Wow! The belly did pop out overnight! (and the boobs grew too)

    Amazing how things just grow overnight!