Week 21

Lot’s of fun this week! I have a picture below from today. As you can see I don’t look as big when wearing a maternity shirt as I did the other day in my old shirt. I did have my first stranger notice I was pregnant this week! I was so excited. For some reason when she said “Oh, you’re pregnant” I looked at my belly as if I needed to check to make sure! It was such a strange reaction. Of course earlier that morning on my way to work I had managed to drop peanut butter on my shirt so I had a nice oil stain right on my belly. Two people noticed my belly that day and I had on a dirty shirt!

Also this week it snowed! It didn’t snow as much as we were expecting since it turned to sleet early Saturday morning so it didn’t look as impressive. It was still lots of fun for us! It all happened Friday night and Saturday so no missing work. I am going to go in a bit later tomorrow since they haven’t cleared the roads yet. Just the main ones. Anyway, on Saturday while it was sleeting I looked out and saw little bunny prints in the snow! Then all the sudden our little bunny came running out into the yard and towards the deck. He was all wet and I felt so bad for the little guy. We went out to track him and he had run all around the deck. We figured he was trying to get under there for shelter, but he couldn’t get in so we cracked the door a bit for him. Of course then he would be trapped if a predator came in there! Later that night I saw him eating the tiny bits of grass sticking out from the snow. All his earlier tracks had been covered. This morning I looked out and saw lots of tracks in the yard! Casey and I had a great time walking around following his tracks. There was also cat prints in the back and front yards. The cat tracks followed the rabbit so he must have smelled him. There was an area that looked like both were running. We also saw another animal tracks at the neighbors house. It must have been a raccoon or opossum. It certainly wasn’t the cat or rabbit. It was tiny tracks with nails. I can’t even image what life is like for that little rabbit at night! So many creatures out there chasing him around. How scary. He really stands out in the snow too. Usually we can’t see him very well, but he really stands out in the snow. We saw him some more this afternoon so he made it through the night okay.

 DSC_0607 copy DSC_0582

We spent most of the weekend cleaning (why is it we have to clean so much!) and working on wiring the house. The wiring has been a lot of work! We bought an XBOX a few weeks ago so we can watch TV downstairs. Then we found out that we had to pay more to watch Netflix and the wireless wasn’t good enough to watch the shows recorded on the server. We tried a new router, no good. Moved the router, no good. So finally it was decided we needed to wire the house. Casey had started the project many years ago before I was around, but he never finished it. Getting the wire from upstairs to downstairs was not easy. We now have holes in several walls, but managed to get the wire downstairs. The wires were in the closet and we needed them over by the TV. After several attempts and trips under the house Casey finally listened to my advice and drilled through the floor. 🙂 So now we have TV downstairs. There is still a lot Casey wants to do with the project, but it is over my head. Oh, and we had to run two wires so we can move the Wii down there in the spring since we will be able to stream Netflix on it for free! A lot of work to watch TV!

On another note, I started my registries, but I will post more on that this week. I need to work on them a bit more!! As usual I am mixing it up a bit!! I am sure you wouldn’t expect anything less from me!

21 week photo, almost 22 weeks

 DSC_0599 copy

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  1. You are so cute! I love the comment about a stranger noticing that you are pregnant and that you had to check! I am so happy for you. (do you feed your outside bunny?)

  2. Administrator

    I had another stranger say something today and I just said yes this time. 🙂 We try to feed the bunny, but he never eats anything we give him. He did like my expensive flowers in the spring, but I didn’t intend on that being for him.