First let me say that I am having so much fun! Friday Casey and I went to Babies R’ Us to start our registry. I debated about where to register, but Babies R’ Us is pretty universal and Buy Buy Baby doesn’t have as much of a selection. Plus Babies R’ Us is located in more places. I let Casey work the gun and I pretty much knew all the main things I wanted to hit for the night. I didn’t want to do too much so we did a quick lap around the store. I was a bit annoyed with the lack of selection in some areas. Plus you know I am a bit “hippie” so many of the things I was interested in weren’t sold at Babies R’ Us. They have a larger selection online, but I was disappointed to see most things were sold out! Plus you have to pay shipping. I only registered for items that were available in my local store so people would be able to get them!

Well, there were a lot of things missing so I did a bit of research and decided to register with Amazon too. I was seeing a lot of people using it on message boards so I checked it out one day. Awesome. So many things I was looking for and most of them ship for free! So easy. Plus they have a Universal Registry button so I can add things from other websites that aren’t available on Amazon or Babies R’ Us (like my cloth diapers and diaper bag). I don’t know if anyone will actually use it or purchase items off it, but it was fun to do anyway. I figure local folks will just hit the Babies R’ Us and the out of town folks will have the option to ship for free with Amazon! Plus some people (like me) hate Babies R’ Us. It is so frustrating going in there to get a gift. You cannot go on a weekend because it is so crowded and I can never find the things I am looking for or they are sold out. I guess that is what happens when there is only one location in Raleigh! The Amazon registry isn’t as easy to use, but if you go to you click on gifts and wish lists on the top. On the right you will see a search button and you can select baby registry.

I tried to put a nice selection and various prices. It was fun. Even if I don’t get a thing off either of them I had the best time! I am still adding things every now and then so it may change a bit.

UPDATE: I have added a link on the sidebar to my favorite Etsy hats and cocoons/wraps (under Baby Stuff). As you all know this baby will be photographed A LOT!! So cute props and hats are needed. 🙂 I am hoping to do take pictures for a little extra money one day so I need the practice! I am sure I will be adding more….. I am a sucker for cute hats.

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  1. Jeanette

    I would rather have a poke in the eye than have to go to Babies’R’Us. Hurray for Amazon!