First let me say there is no picture this week. 🙁 We forgot to take it over the weekend and now we might as well wait until this weekend to do it. My belly hasn’t changed all that much this week. Yesterday was my first visit at the birth center and it went really well. I met with the RN to go over my medical history and the pregnancy so far. I felt very comfortable there and I am really happy I decided to switch to them. My next appointment is in 4 weeks and I get to do the 1 hour glucose test. Hopefully I will pass and not have to do the 3 hour test. After that appointment I move to every other week appointments. It is hard to believe I am already that far along! This little guy is going to be here soon!!

The projects are coming along slowly. I am hoping to make some more progress this weekend, but I don’t want to make Casey do too much work since it is his Birthday. Mom and dad purchased the crib for us and it is now sitting in the hall waiting for space to open up in the baby room. Target was having a sale so we went last weekend to get it. I have lots of ideas for the room so I can’t wait until I can start putting it all together. I won an eBay sale yesterday for a couple items. Here’s hoping there is nothing wrong with them! Now there is this super cute nightlight that goes with the set. It is way overpriced, but the pregnant lady in me is taking over and I want it!! I must resist because I really don’t need a fancy nightlight no matter how cute it is, but if they drop the price it is mine.

In other baby news I saw my belly move the other night. Of course Casey wasn’t here to see it and now that he is back the little guy is barely moving. It was so cool to see my belly moving around, but a little freaky at the same time. I can feel him kicking on the outside now, but Casey has yet to feel it. He doesn’t really have the patience to wait for him so he tends to miss it. I suppose he will have plenty of time to feel and see him in the coming months. My acid reflux has kicked up a notch this week. I have been eating way more chocolate than normal and have been a little slack on my vitamins. I am wondering if both were having an impact. I think the digestive enzymes were probably helping. I took them today and I am already feeling much better so I guess I better take my vitamins! Also, no more chocolate which is really a good thing. Meanwhile I am quickly running out of clothes. I hate both pairs of maternity jeans that I have, but I wear them anyway. I have to pull them up all day because they are still a bit big, but my old jeans are way too small now. My bigger problem is shirts!! I am down to 6 and I am getting a bit tired of wearing them. I am on a mission this weekend to find some clothes. It isn’t easy since all the stores have spring clothes now so finding long sleeve shirts and sweaters is a bit harder. I need to just suck it up and pay whatever I have to pay for some clothes. I am tired of looking frumpy! I did buy 5 pairs of capri pants on Craig’s List tonight. She was selling them for $10, for all of them! So even if only one pair works it is a good deal. Doesn’t help my shirt situation, but they will be nice in a couple months when it warms up some. I can pass them on to my other pregnant friends that are having babies later in the summer. They will certainly need them!