It’s almost time for our third annual rabbit adoption day at Animall!! If you are looking for something to do next weekend come out and visit. We will have lots of rabbits available for adoption, hot chocolate, fundraisers and lots of information on pet rabbits. We are doing the bunny photo contest again so make sure you check out the contest and vote for Tuscan and Moose!! We won first place last year and won an awesome price.


I got the camera out this weekend and took some pictures of the bunnies. It has been awhile since I took pictures of them. Tuscan and Moose don’t really cooperate with me because they insist on hiding in their box so there is no light to get their picture!! I also took some of my foster bunnies. They are leaving tomorrow to go to the SPCA and I will really miss them. I always feel bad taking them because I don’t want them to think I abandoned them! They have such a nice cushy life here and it is nice there, but not as nice as here. They get used to my schedule and get lots of time to run around outside of their cage. I am sure the SPCA is a shock to them. Cats, dogs, lots of strange people messing with them, limited veggies, not so great hay, other rabbits and only 15 minutes outside the cage on a good day! It just breaks my heart, but I can’t keep them all and at least I was able to save them from certain death…..

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