24 weeks

No picture this week! We took a few and they are horrible. I need to give Casey a few lessons on taking pictures…. of course it doesn’t help when we forget to do it until night and have to use the flash. Yuck. My belly hasn’t really changed much this week so you aren’t missing anything.

We were in Charlotte over the weekend to visit Casey’s family and to pick up all the awesome stuff his sister is giving us. There was so much that we couldn’t even bring back half of it! Thanks Valerie! I got it all out to organize it when we got home and realized just how much we have already and there is more coming. Now I need to figure out where to put all the baby stuff. While in Charlotte I also went to another consignment sale with Melanie and we had so much fun. I really like getting great deals on baby stuff. This little guy is going to have way more clothes than he needs, but I can’t resist. I also found some cloth diapers and covers at great prices so I picked up a few. Most retail for around $14 and I got them for $4 each! I also picked up a few more outfit that I probably don’t really need, but for $1 or $2 a piece why not? This baby is going to have way more clothes than me! If only I could get my clothes for $1. Speaking of clothes I am becoming very frustrated with my wardrobe or lack of one I should say. I wish it would hurry up and get warm! I don’t want to buy more cold weather clothes because it seems like such a waste of money with spring around the corner. I have been picking up a few basic tees and such, but nothing all that great. It is so hard spending $20 for one shirt that I will wear for a couple months. Jeans are an even bigger problem. Part of me hates to buy another pair since so far I hate every single pair I own so why waste more money? Plus maybe I won’t want to wear jeans soon with it getting warmer. Maybe this full panel thing will be great when I have a big huge belly to fill it out so I am hesitant to buy the lower panel ones…. on the other hand I just want a pair of comfy pants! The Gap jeans I really want to try are on sale online, but they don’t have my size. I found a pair of them on ebay so I am debating on getting those. I will check out the stores this weekend.

The nursery is coming along, but not very quickly. The crib is still in the box, but at least now the box fits in the room. Our plan this weekend is to work on moving the shelf out of there and into the bunny room so we can put together the crib. I got two more things on ebay – the little decorative pillow case and the flannel sheet that goes on with the set. I got really great deals on both of them so all I need now is the bed skirt. Someone put one up today for $50, but I have seen them as low as $25 so I will just wait for them to lower the price. I also need to order the stencils so we can start working on that, but I need to decide which ones.

As for pregnancy stuff my only issue so far is this acid reflux! Ugh. I seem to only have a problem when at work and if I go to bed with any tiny bit of food in my stomach. The weekends are usually reflux free so I blame work. Last night while making my lunch at 9 I ate one tiny little chip that fell out of the bag. The only thing I had to eat since 5. Well when I went to bed it was like someone poured acid down my throat so I had to take some tums and go to bed inclined. So then I wake up uncomfortable and lay down. Lesson learned. Nothing to eat at least 3 hours before bed, not even a tiny itty bitty piece of food. I am of course hungry every night, but can’t eat. At least it isn’t all the time and only flairs up sometimes. Casey also felt the little guy move Sunday night!! He hasn’t seen my tummy move yet though.

Well, off to do a little more work for our adoption event this weekend.

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  1. There’s another consignment sale coming up in Morrisville. My email from them says March 6-15, but you can go to kidseverywear.com for the details.