26 Weeks

Today I went to yet another consignment sale! I didn’t get as much this time since I really don’t need too many more clothes. There is another one this week so I went through my current stock to see what I really need. I went to today’s sale with a good friend of mine that is also pregnant and due 6 weeks after me. Today I found out if she is having a boy or girl… I won’t say because some of you out there know who I am talking about and she hasn’t told all her friends and family yet so I won’t say yet! I just wish she didn’t live in Charlotte!

The room is slowly coming together. I actually ordered a bunch of stuff last week for the room so I am waiting for all of it to get here. I ordered two prints, a couple baskets and the stencils. So far only the prints are here and they are so cute! Oh and mom found a crib skirt on super sale at Pottery Barn that matches really well with my set. It needs to be hemmed though. Hopefully next weekend we can get the roller shades and put up the curtains. Right now they are just hanging on the crib. I also started working some on the dresser. The drawers need some work and I am not sure yet what to do with them. I also need a way to organize them for tiny clothes so any tips are appreciated.

I have my next appointment this week so I will try to write up a bit later this week. I weighed myself twice yesterday and the first time I was up a pound or so and a few hours later I was up 4! I don’t know which is right, but I am guessing the 4! I did manage to find a pair of jeans that don’t fall down all day so I will probably wear them all the time now. I wouldn’t mind the weather warming up a tad (not too much) so I can get out my flip flops. I also have a few spring tops that I wouldn’t mind wearing for a change. Of course I am sure they will get old pretty quickly too. The acid reflux is better, but still comes and goes. Other than that I have no problems. Still sleeping really well and no pains yet. The sleep is thanks to my snoogle. Best money I have spent so far, but being super cheap I did get it used on Craig’s List. It was so worth it. It is so comfy and JD loves it. Casey actually likes it too! I did add an extra pillow at the end for my legs. I find that I sleep better with my whole leg elevated and not just the knee area. It really helps my hips and lower back. My sweet teeth is now in high gear and I really need to get it in control so I don’t end up with a 10 pound baby! He is sure to come out loving carbs, dairy and sugar because that is pretty much all he gets in there! He won’t have a clue what vegetables taste like and I hate eating meat so he doesn’t get much of that either.

In other news I picked up my newest foster rabbit from the SPCA Saturday. Someone dropped off three rabbits in various containers over the weekend. They just left them at the end of the road at the SPCA. A volunteer saw them on the way out one night and called to let them know there were some animals left outside. Poor little things. So cute. I ended up with the female and she is terrified of people. I am sure she was abused in some way. I haven’t seen one this scared in awhile. We have pretty much left her alone this weekend. We only reach in to give her food, hay and water. We never try to pet her so hopefully she will learn we aren’t here to hurt her. She explores and has a good time until we get too close. JD doesn’t scare her at all, just humans. I am still waiting for the domestic that is running wild too. He/she will be pretty scared of us too if we can catch him.

Here is a picture of JD enjoying my snoogle pillow. He likes to spend his days sleeping on it.


Here is my current belly picture. I added the hands on the belly to help define it a bit since I just kind of look like a blob now. Perhaps I will switch to a lighter shirt, but I like the slimming effect of the black ones!

 DSC_0280 copy

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  1. You look so cute!

  2. Wow I can’t believe how the time is flying! Yes… Such a cute pic of JD! It was so wonderful seeing ya’ll yesterday! and thanks again for lunch… Finally Ashlyn is giving up her passy! She said this morning she wants to give it to Aunt Lindsay’s little baby so it won’t cry… Ahhhh… Though she calls him a she-lol