I Passed!!

I had my glucose test this week and I passed so no diabetes for me! I really didn’t mind the drink at all. To be honest I kind of liked it! I pretty much only drink water so it was nice having a sweet drink. The only problem was drinking it so fast. It was a bit difficult getting it down quickly since it was so sweet, but I managed. It gave me horrible acid reflux though and I couldn’t do anything about it until after they took the blood and by then it was better. I met with my first midwife and I loved her! We discussed my diet (that was my homework – a food journal) and both agreed my veggies are lacking. She said just put some cheese on them. 🙂 Well, I can do that! If I had more energy to cook when I got home it wouldn’t be an issue, but I just hate cooking during the week. My weight is looking good. I was only up 2 pounds from my last visit. She said I am on track and she would like me to gain 25-35 pounds. I am feeling bigger now. Still a long way to go when it comes to growing!!

We are most likely going to adjust my due date by a few days. I believe my due date to be 6/13 not 6/9 and she agreed. My last ultrasound put me at 6/12 so looks like I was much closer than the docs! Really, 4 days isn’t a huge deal, but she said it is important if I go into early labor. Since the birth center will not force me to induce I am not as worried about it as I was at the OB’s office. I expected them to pressure me at 41 weeks which really wouldn’t be 41 weeks for me! At least I don’t have to worry about that now. My biggest concern at this point is making sure this little guy ends up head down. That is a c-section for sure so let’s all hope he figures it out when the time comes.

I will post more updates this weekend along with my new picture!

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  1. I was upside down and the midwives had my mom lay upside down on an ironing board and it turned me. Just thought you might want to know.

  2. Okay Lindsay this is the deal….I will make dinner two nights a week for you and Casey until our little prince arrives! Nothing fancy, but whatever I am making. You tell me which two days of the week that you want it and I will do it. Love ya, Mom