Well, the second trimester is coming to an end and I can already feel some of my energy slipping away. The last week I have been so tired in the afternoon to the point that I could take a nap. So far I haven’t actually taken a nap, but I don’t think it will be long! Maybe if I exercise when I get home it will help. I should be able to do a bit more exercising this week. The water aerobics class starts Tuesday so that should be interesting. I guess thanks to this daylight savings crap I can go for a walk in the evening. I am probably the only person that hates daylight savings! I function based on the sun. If it is out I want to be up and if it is down I want to be asleep. I hate driving to work in the dark. Hate it. I am so tired when I get to work and in a terrible mood. Plus I am sure I will be up late tonight since my body is all messed up now. It doesn’t seem like it should be 8:30, I just ate dinner! Tomorrow morning I should be nice and grouchy.

In other pregnancy news my acid reflux is doing much better, but the middle back pain is acting up most days. I think the little guy is pushing on something because I didn’t have a problem for the last few days and then earlier I could feel him shifting around and bam, my back was killing me all the sudden and hasn’t stopped. My pregnancy brain is going strong too. The rabbits had a great time running in the baby room tonight since I forgot to put up the gate. I also forgot to turn on the stove when I was cooking dinner.

We worked on the nursery some this weekend. We got some room darkening shades and put those up. We also put up the valances. It took Casey about 1.5 hours to hang them (2 each). He had to make sure every single part was level and then check it a few times. At least he does it right. I just watched and handed him the tools. I did have to hold the level once and thought my arms were going to fall off while I waited for him to get it just right. It must be perfect. This is why dad will be doing the stencil, but I will have Casey tape them up so they are nice and level. 🙂 Casey’s parents and sister also came up this weekend with a minivan full of baby stuff including the glider for the nursery! I have been avoiding ordering the bookcase and toy box until I made sure there was room for the chair. There is room so I went to order them today and both are on back order! Figures. I just want it all done, but I guess I will have to wait until the end of April (estimated ship date on the bookcase, no idea on the toy box).