Spring has arrived here in NC! All the sudden this week the trees started to bloom and flowers are popping up all around. So far my only bulbs to emerge are the tulips. I wouldn’t be surprised if the squirrels got a few of the others. I have been feeling really blah and tired lately. I figured it was just the whole third trimester thing, but then it hit me today…. allergies. The downside to this beautiful weather and flowers. I don’t have terrible allergies, but it gets to my eyes and makes my noise drain. No sneezing or anything. Just the itchy eyes and constant nasal drip which makes me feel tired and makes my neck hurt. So I don’t think the pregnancy is to blame for my recent lack of energy. Although it might not help. I do find I get out of breath a lot faster now.

From what I can tell I have now entered the second trimester. I go back to see the midwives this week which is crazy. I feel like I was just there! So far no swelling and my rings still fit. The acid reflux is much better and still only occurs when I am at work. I blame work. Water aerobics was really fun last week and it was nice getting in the water and not carrying around all this extra weight. When I got out of the pool I felt like I weighed 50 extra pounds! I think it is going to be a fun class and it is nice talking to other pregnant ladies. There are two other girls in their last trimester but most are just starting their second. All have to suffer through the horrible summer heat. I can’t even image being due in August or September! I was hot enough this week when it was 78 and would be miserable in the 110 temps we get in August! Okay, maybe it isn’t 110, but it sure feels like it with the humidity.

So here is a little summary on the second trimester:

Weight gained – Well, up a total of about 23 pounds as of my last appointment so I guess the total for the second trimester is about 15 pounds

Maternity clothes
– Yep, all maternity all the time. I started out with my old fat jeans and a few maternity shirts, but by 20 weeks had to give it up. I finally found some Gap jeans that I love and don’t fall down so I wear them all the time. Still hate my Motherhood ones….. I got a bunch of spring stuff this weekend so all I need now is some comfy shoes!

Symptoms – Acid reflux/indigestion, occasional back pain, not much else!

Cravings – Nope, nothing! Okay some days chocolate and anything sweet, but that is not pregnancy related! That is just me all the time. I crave and enjoy the things I did pre-pregnancy – pizza, mexican and anything that is a carb or has sugar in it!

Worst Part – Acid reflux and indigestion!! Yuck and yuck.

Best Part – Finally feeling the little guy move around in there, getting to see my belly bounce around and people finally noticing I am pregnant and not just a bit thick in the middle! I have also enjoyed working on the nursery and buying cute clothes at all the consignment sales. I can’t stop myself! One more next weekend and then a break until later this summer.

In other news we are getting the house painted this week. I will put a few pictures below of the before/in progress. It already looks much better, but isn’t done yet. I also am planning to put in a radiant barrier in the attic. Well, have Casey do it. We are on the fence about what to do with the HVAC systems. We have two and want to replace at least one by the end of the year to get the tax credit. So, do we do them both now, one now or wait to see if either break? Not sure yet what we are going to do, but if we don’t replace them I want to at least clean the ducts. Oh, go ahead and laugh…. I am getting the downstairs carpet cleaned, but that will be once the foster rabbits are at the SPCA. I am sure JD will puke on it the day we get it cleaned!

28 weeks photo

 DSC_0316 copy

The house before painting (you can see the new color already on the garage)

Back being worked on