Monday night we moved the nest out of the gutter. I had the day off so I went out and found a cheap basket and filled it with leaves, twigs and pine straw. Apparently mourning doves never leave their nest and the mom and dad take turns sitting on the nest. So there was never a time we could move it without them around. We had to scare off mom or dad to get to the nest. She watched us for a bit on a nearby tree before flying off. Casey had to get out the big extension ladder and it took awhile to figure out how to get it up there with all the bushes! We got the basket attached to the gutter just a few inches from the nest. Casey carefully moved the nest to the basket and we went back inside. I guess we scared the mom or dad bird pretty bad and they knew we were messing with the nest so the never came back. πŸ™ Being an emotional pregnant lady and extreme lover of all animals (okay, most not insects or creepy things) I have been very upset that we killed the two little baby birds in those eggs. However I know it was the best thing to do. We had to at least try because there was no way they would survive a rain storm in that gutter. If they hadn’t hatched yet they would be washed down the gutter and if they had hatched they would probably drown. So I guess this is for the best. I was in contact a lot with Piedmont Wildlife Rescue and they told me this is pretty common and she expected they would not return to the nest. She said they have most likely already started over somewhere else. I hope they pick a better spot next time. Mourning doves aren’t the brightest. However as I told Casey I think it is fascinating the way animals communicate. Somehow the mom or dad was able to find their partner and let them know to abandon the nest and start over. They don’t have a What to Expect When you are Expecting book, the Internet or a birth coach telling them what to do or how to do it. They just know. They know to sit on that nest and when to leave it. It fascinates me. Maybe if they had a book it would recommend not building the nest in a gutter. πŸ™‚

In other news I continue my attempt to knit a hat for this little guy. It is not going well and I do think I will just have to buy a couple cute ones on etsy for my photos. I think I can pull off a pretty simple one between now and June, but I don’t expect I can do anything as cute as the ones I can buy. Maybe one day….