Well, I am beginning to feel bigger…. maybe it is the fact that people keep making comments on how big I am and how I waddle! Although in the last 2 days I have seen 3 very pregnant women (like due any day) and I was shocked at just how big they were! I guess I have a lot of growing left. I noticed tonight my maternity shirt is already getting a bit short. Maybe I shouldn’t be putting them in the dryer. So I don’t have a picture today. It was a really busy day so I will make sure we get one tomorrow. Casey spent the day putting up the radiant barrier in the attic with Gary. Gary was nice enough to spend most of his Sunday in our very hot attic. We also started our birthing class tonight with our doula. We both really like her and this was our first of 4 classes. We didn’t get into the actual birth process yet, that will be next week. We even have homework to do this week for our class. We have private classes here at the house which is actually really nice. We also had mom and dad over today so dad could start doing the stencil in the nursery. I really think I could do it, but whatever. I was up in the attic today helping to install the barrier before Gary arrived. I also spent yesterday afternoon working in the yard and planting stuff in my garden. I am not one to sit around and have people do things for me.

Anyway, in other pregnancy news I can really feel the little guy now. I can actually feel little feet and hands. Well, I can’t tell each part yet for sure, but I can feel an actual kick and not just a bump. I can also feel his little butt which likes to occasionally get wedged up in my stomach giving me horrible acid reflux. I think that is why the reflux is so bad when I am at work. Sitting in my chair at work pushes him up a lot and I can always tell when he is on my stomach. Friday was really bad as was Friday night and all day Saturday. I had a butt in my stomach most of that time giving me horrible reflux and making it hard to sleep. I guess he got tired of my constantly pushing him down because today he moved his butt back to the left. So much better! My chiropractor also said the rotation from my scoliosis is getting more pronounced which is probably another reason I feel him so much on the right side under my ribs. Scoliosis not only causes a curve of the spine (mine is a S), but also causes the spine to rotate which rotates the ribs and pelvis. So my right ribs are pulled to the back and my left are pushed forward. I guess having those right ribs pulled to the back creates even less space on that side. I just need to keep this little guy’s butt on the left side!

So some of you may be wondering why I never mention a name for the little guy. First I am not one to come up with a cute nickname. I am just not creative like that and nothing really came to me. We do have a name picked out although I change my mind every now and then about it. For the most part the name is picked, but Casey has requested that the name be kept a secret so I won’t be able to tell you the name for a few more months.

I will post a picture tomorrow…. hopefully. Oh, and I will have to tell you all about my new chair!!