Okay, so it took me a few days, but here is my 31 week picture. It is almost time for the 32 week picture!

 DSC_0384_edited-1 copy

Yesterday before my hair appointment I ran out to Durham to pick up my toy box. I found the cutest toy box and bookcase to put in the nursery several months ago. However I didn’t want to get either until I had a better idea how all the other furniture would fit in the room so I waited. Then the week I finally decided it would all fit nicely I went online to order them and both were out of stock! The bookcase should be back in stock in early May. I have seen that date on several sites that carry it. Yesterday I went to the Toy’s R Us website and saw that the toy box was in stock! When I went to order it I got a message saying low inventory and it wouldn’t put it in my cart. I tried later in the day and it worked, but the shipping was $21. I noticed it didn’t say online only so I thought I would try calling our local store. I had already checked the Cary store, but I figured I would try Durham. They had it! So I ran out yesterday afternoon to get it. I was so excited. I hope it looks okay.

I also recently made a big furniture purchase that was hotty debated in our house. I have a glider in the nursery, but I really wanted something downstairs. I didn’t want a chair that looked like a baby chair. I wanted it to look like a living room chair. I found the best one at Buy Buy Baby and I just had to have it. Casey didn’t see the need for it since we are very rarely downstairs. Well, that will be changing! Casey works from home (at least for now) and I plan to be downstairs most of the day to keep from disturbing him while he works. Not to mention we will certainly have lots of guests over and I am not dragging everyone upstairs when we have a perfectly good living room. We have the living room all ready for me. My chair should arrive in the next 4-8 weeks, the Wii and Xbox are hooked up and ready to go! Since we don’t have cable I will have to rely on both for my TV watching. The Xbox is for the shows we record on Media Center and the Wii is for Netflix and possibly exercising one day…...

Tomorrow is my first shower so I am really excited! I will have lots of pictures to post on Sunday.