Only 8 more weeks! When I heard that this week I have to admit it scared me a bit. Overall I am not really that scared or nervous about labor or caring for him once he arrives. I trust in my body to be able to do this and I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but it is hard not knowing how I will respond to labor. Also the realization that we only have 8 weeks makes me panic a bit. I had my first shower this weekend which was so much fun and a nice distraction from the labor fears. Three of my best friends hosted the shower and they did a wonderful job. Two are actually pregnant too which is so much fun for me. The shower was at Lucky 32 in Cary and the food and cake were so good. I should have had the salad, but I went with the french toast and chicken sausage. At least there was some protein in there. Most of the guests were mom’s friends, which are really family friends since I have known them all for many years. Some for my whole life. We got so many awesome gifts and everyone was so generous! I am so excited to start playing with all of it and put it away…. eventually. The nursery is currently a mess since we are working on the stencil and I am waiting to get my bookcase in a few weeks. I also need to get some baskets for the shelves in the closet. The gifts are still hanging out on the kitchen table until there is space in the nursery. Anyway, I have some pictures from the shower and I will probably get more in a few days from my friends that also took pictures.

I don’t have my 32 week picture to post! I should just start taking the picture on Saturday since it seems Sunday has become our busiest day of the week lately. I had a rabbit meetup event today and then we had our birthing class until almost 9 tonight. Casey was working in the attic again with Gary so he was tied up and we didn’t get the picture taken. I will try to take it tomorrow after work, but as usual it will be a busy day. I so wish I had time to go for walks or do yoga, but it seems every single night of the week there is something I am doing. I don’t get home until late, eat dinner late and I am exhausted by 9. I just need more time! At least you all have the shower pictures to look at so you can get an idea of how big I am getting.

In pregnancy news there really isn’t much to report on other than the shower. The baby now occasionally likes to get really low and push on my bladder which is not exactly a good feeling. I really don’t know which is worse, but I think I would rather him smash my stomach. He still moves around a good bit and goes from being high and low pretty often. For the most part he is still pretty high, but I have such a short torso there really isn’t much room for him. He is getting long enough in there that he can smash my stomach with his butt and push on my bladder with his head or hands. I really don’t have any complaints except the occasional uncomfortable days. Friday I felt like I was going to explode or that he was trying to push his way out of me through my side. Usually he is pretty good in there and it isn’t too bad. I don’t really feel as big as I look which is good. I am always surprised when I see pictures of my self because I really don’t think I am so big! I get up about every 3 hours to pee which really doesn’t bother me much. The worst part is that I am sore when I first start moving, but not enough to keep me from falling back to sleep very quickly.

Here are a few pictures from the shower. I will post more soon.

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