Saturday I had my second shower and it was so much fun! My friend Sarah and her mom Janet hosted and they did a wonderful job. Bunnies were the theme and everything was so cute and personalized. We even had carrot cake and since I had mentioned to Sarah I didn’t like carrot cake she also got another cake! I didn’t know the theme of the party or that the carrot cake fit the theme! I hate that she got another cake just for me! Well, I wasn’t the only one that ate it. Anyway, I have lots of pictures posted on my flickr page and I will put a link below. We played several games and all were so much fun. We did the candy diaper game which is one of my favorites. It is so funny to see people’s reaction to the diapers. People won’t even touch them and act like they really have poop in them! It is just candy. Love it. We also had little babies in ice cubes and if your baby melted out first (or your water broke) you won! Jenna won the candy game, but I only missed one. I forgot about Snickers! Juli won the baby in the ice game. We also did the price is right and everyone had to guess the price of various baby items. I did pretty well on that one too, but Jill was the winner. We played hot potato with a mister potato head and if you were holding the mister potato head when the music stopped you had to answer a question. Each was a fact about either a human baby or a bunny baby. Then you got to put an item on the mister potato head. The last person holding it and answer the question correctly won. Mom won that one. The last one involved everyone using blue Play Doh to make a mold of our baby. I was very impressed with how creative and talented some of my friends were with their designs! Mine was horrible. Kelly won for the best one, Jenna for the sweetest, Avery for the creepiest and Donna for the most original. She actually made a really cute bunny complete with a carrot. The winners got to pick a gift and all had clues on the back of things I like and the gift was something to do with the clue. I got lots of wonderful gifts and I really appreciate everyone’s generosity. The nursery is now full of stuff! It might take me awhile to get it all sorted out and put away. Sarah and Janet had lots of little bunny gifts for me to take home to remember the shower. The favors were little bunny bags with lettuce seeds, a chocolate bunny and chocolate carrot. It was all so nice!

Me with Sarah and Janet

Me and mom
 DSCF0153 copy
Here are the rest of the pictures mom took.

So in pregnancy news I had my doctor’s appointment last week. I am now up 28 pounds. With 7 more weeks I am assuming I will hit the 35 pound weight gain. Nothing like hitting the upper limit of my suggested weight gain. At least it appears to be only in my belly and legs. I refuse to look at my legs. I guess that is where my body decided to store the extra fat. At least I can cover them. So far no stretch marks, but I am getting a bit worried. My belly button skin is so stretched and is just plain gross! I have also started to get some kind of little rash thing on my belly. Sorry if this is too much information for some of you…... It isn’t too bad yet, but boy does it itch. I will have to ask the midwives about it next week. Let’s hope it doesn’t get worse. I am now waking up like clockwork at 1:30 and 4:30. Then during the work week I have to get up at 5:30. If it is the weekend I tend to wake up again around 6 or 6:30 . This is all so I can pee (or have horrible acid reflux due to his position). I guess this is my body’s way of preparing me for the lack of sleep that is coming my way soon. It really isn’t too bad though because I fall asleep as soon as I get back in bed and I am pretty comfortable when I am in bed. I have been lucky to have very little swelling so far. Some days I do get a little swelling in my feet and lower legs. Usually from sitting too long in my horrible work chair. I have been trying to get up and move around more often and that seems to help.

Earlier in the week I realized just how much there is still left to do! Yikes. We are really running out of time and I guess he could really decide to show up anytime. I feel the need to make another list. I feel much better with a list. I have found that it really helps me to relax knowing that I have something written down. That is something I remember learning awhile back. You write it down and then give your brain permission to forget about it since you wrote it down. It sounds silly, but it really helps especially with getting to sleep at night if your mind is racing. I did manage to get a picture yesterday. Hopefully I can get the nursery done soon and put up some pictures. I need to order two more items and then start putting it all away. We will be in Charlotte this weekend and then the mountains for two days so maybe I can work on it some more next weekend.

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