It has been a busy week! Another week of doing something every night after work. We decided to go to Charlotte Saturday morning instead of Friday night since we had too much to do before we left. We left early Saturday morning and his family hosted a lovely shower for us that afternoon. It was nice to see everyone and I know Casey enjoyed seeing some of the family he doesn’t get to see much. We got even more wonderful gifts and appreciate everyone’s generosity. Sunday we drove up to the mountains so all the boys could go down the zip line outside of Boone. I wasn’t able to go to the site because they told us it was a bumpy gravel road and that it wouldn’t be safe for an eight month pregnant lady. Valerie and girls also stayed back to keep me company while everyone else went up to do the zip line or watch. Yeah, I was a bit sad that we couldn’t go too. We drove back to Boone and walked around King Street and campus a bit until we got the call that they were on the way back. When we got back I found out that the ride wasn’t really that bad and I probably would have been fine. Casey said he was glad I didn’t go just to be safe. After the jump a few of us went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner in Blowing Rock. Everyone else headed back to Charlotte, but Casey and I stayed the night in Blowing Rock. I didn’t think I would want to drive home and work the next day after all the driving so I had booked us a room at an inn in downtown Blowing Rock. I really wanted to go to Kilwin’s where I used to work in college. We went to check in and decided to walk over to Kilwin’s. We got there 15 minutes after they closed. Boo. When we got up Monday the weather had flipped on us big time. Foggy, rainy and much cooler. We drove down to get some breakfast after checking out and then went over to check out the Shops on the Parkway. I stopped in the kids’ clothing stores, but after paying $1 for outfits at consignment I couldn’t bring myself to buy any new outfits. We did stop by Kilwin’s there and picked up a little ice cream and some fudge to bring home. Then we drove to Boone so I could get a little ASU outfit for the baby. The store I knew had cute stuff was closed until Tuesday! Denied again. So I have no cute ASU outfit for him. I will just have to pay twice as much and shipping to get one now. It may not be worth it! We decided to just call it a day and drove home.

All the gifts are now in the nursery which is a complete disaster. Check this out! This is really adding my current stress level….


Even though the mess is stressing me out it is nice that the showers are over so we know what items are left to purchase and I can start cleaning stuff and putting everything away. Now I just need a little more time to get it all done. In other pregnancy news I continue to grow and get less and less sleep. I still wake up twice a night or more. Some nights it is hard to go back to sleep! At least I am not in any pain when I sleep. No hip pain and very little back pain most nights. I am getting bigger by the day, but I still manage to get around. I just get tired a little faster now. It is strange because I don’t really realize just how big I am until I see pictures. I guess the belly just grows so slowly over time that you don’t really notice it. I sometimes forget what I used to look like before I got pregnant. Of course when I go to bend over or put on shoes I am reminded of the big belly since I can’t do either very well anymore. I also picked up my new chair this week! I love it. I took a nap in it the day we got it. It took JD about 5 minutes to get on it.


I am sure everyone is sick of reading this so I will stop for now. I may need to post more than once a week from now on! I am really hoping to get the nursery cleaned up some this week. I will also post pictures from the shower and the zip line in the next few days. There are lots to look through so I will have to do them another time. I am too tired right now!

Here is a picture of me from the shower which will be my 34 week picture.