Thought I would post a quick update. I had my 34 week appointment yesterday and everything is looking good! He is still head down and she said his head was engaged. So I guess he is ready to go. Just needs a few more weeks to get fatter (him and me) and for his lungs to develop. The two things that would get me “kicked” out of the birth center are a breech baby or labor/delivery before 37 weeks. Looks like we are half way there. He could technically still turn and can turn anytime right up until he is born, but that is very unlikely. So now we just have to hope he stays put for another 2-3 weeks.

I am officially up 30 pounds! The midwife went over a lot of information with me this week on contractions and the things I will need to have on hand and bring to the birth center. More things to do! We also have to bring our birth plan at the next visit in 2 weeks. I really liked the midwife I met yesterday. It really isn’t much different than going to a hospital with your ob’s practice. You get whoever is on call. Some you like more than others and it is the same with the midwives. I hope I get one that I like on the big day!!

In other news the new HVAC units will be done today. They cost a small fortune, but are so much nicer. I am glad we decided to go ahead and do it now instead of waiting for them to break which could be any time. It really is a lot of work to install them and has taken 3 days. We found a great company and they redid the whole bonus room setup to make it work better. It is amazing how much of a difference we have already noticed. I will put some pictures up this weekend. We need to seal the attic and then we can finally put everything back in its place!

We are going tonight to get the car seat! Guess we kinda need it soon.