I wish I had more to write today. It has been another busy weekend and right now I am so tired I can’t even think straight. I spent both days working like a crazy woman in the nursery. I did a ton of laundry and have just a few more to do. I am close to having everything put in place and there are just a few more decorative things to do in the room. I also ordered the bookcase this week, but decided on a different one than I had originally planned to get. I guess it is a good thing the original was out of stock for so long because I think the one I am getting is going to be much better in the years to come. I also wanted to get a bean bag from Target and thanks to my pregnancy brain I forgot to get it so I could get free shipping. It was a bad week for my memory! The whole week was just a mess of me forgetting stuff. Some days it feels like my brain just doesn’t work anymore!

I really want to get as much done in the next two weeks as I can so I can maybe relax a bit before his arrival. Not to mention my energy level is dropping a lot lately. I am also getting a lot less sleep so I am tired more often too. I think my allergies are adding to the current fatigue. The last two days have been hard on my draining which always make me feel more tired. This week should be less busy than the last two so hopefully I can get some good work done and also manage to rest a bit.

Note: I wrote this on Sunday, today is Thursday. I just now realized I never posted it. Pregnancy brain….