First let me apologize for not having pictures to post this morning. Sunday was so crazy and we had our last class with the doula so it didn’t get done. I was planning to take them as soon as I got home from work yesterday, but as I was driving into the neighborhood it started to pour. So I promise to take some this afternoon and add them to the post so be sure to check back. I am debating on whether to try some more professional belly shots (with belly exposed) this weekend. The problem is I pretty much have to take them myself because one I don’t want to pay anyone and two I don’t really want anyone else to see the belly without some help from photoshop!! So I am wondering if Casey and I together can mange to pull off some nice pictures. I am not expecting much….. I have a hard time getting him to understand the camera. No offense, but he isn’t the best at framing a shot.

Last week was busy as usual and over the weekend I helped to host a shower for my friend Melanie who is due about 6 weeks after me! She is also having a boy and it has been so much fun talking with her about pregnancy stuff for the past few months. I have a few pictures from the shower, but I haven’t downloaded them yet. She is so tiny! She doesn’t even look pregnant and she is 30 weeks! What is up with that? Of course she is taller than me and has a longer torso so I am sure both those help.

I feel like the baby has grown so much just in the last 2 days. Either that or he has changed his position in there which is making my days much more uncomfortable. He is really starting to run out of room and I am getting to that stage where you just can’t get comfy anymore. Sitting doesn’t feel good, laying down doesn’t feel good and standing eventually doesn’t feel good although it is my favorite position. I have a hard time sitting on the couch at night now and working on the computer. Sleep is about the same. Some nights are terrible and others aren’t too bad. When I say not too bad I mean that I get two 3 hour stretches of sleep in before waking again and sleep soundly during them. Some nights I can’t go back to sleep and others I am waking up every 2 hours instead of 3! I have to admit I am pretty used to sleeping in 3 hours increments now.

I have been working hard in the nursery and should have some pictures posted soon. I am down to the last few things. I have to say my least favorite baby item at this time is the stupid bouncy seat! You can’t put that dumb thing anywhere. It doesn’t fold in anyway and I can’t fit it anywhere. It just sits there messing up the look of my room. I don’t like junk in my rooms. I want them to look nice and organized. I hide the junk. I can’t hide this thing! I also organized the pantry this weekend. This is baby related because I had to make room in a cabinet in the kitchen for baby food items and supplies. Plus the pantry was driving me crazy because it was so messy. I keep getting distracted by random projects like organizing the pantry.

As you all know I love my new glider downstairs and like to spend a little bit of time daily sitting in it relaxing. Unfortunately I have discovered the remote doesn’t work from the chair so I am forced to watch commercials and get up every time I need to pick a new show! I have been doing everything possible to keep JD off my chair. I put a stool in it so he can’t jump up on it. He isn’t the kind of cat to get on the arms or back because he is just too big and not at all coordinated. Well I came downstairs one morning to find cat puke next to his bowl and then a trail of it leading to my chair. Yes, he managed to find a very small area on my chair that he could get on and then puked on my chair!! The thing is he seems to have originally puked at the food bowl and then for some reason thought it a good idea to walk over to my chair puking, get up on it and puke some more. Needless to say I freaked out that morning. Lucky for him it wiped off nicely. Otherwise he would be at the SPCA right now looking for a new home. I screamed at him a lot and ever since he has left the chair alone. I did put an old blanket on it just in case he manages to get up there again. I feel bad for him though because I think he can tell things are changing. He clings to Casey a lot now. He can’t get to my side of the bed anymore thanks to the pillows and the belly. He looks at me some days like he isn’t sure what is going on with me. Once the baby arrives he will be kicked out of the bedroom which I know will be very traumatic for him. Of course with the crying he may want to get out. I feel so bad for all the animals since their time and attention will be dropping soon. Most of my bad dreams involve me either killing the rabbits, getting rid of the rabbits or putting them in cages or outside. This is clearly something that is bothering me! I also worry about my SPCA bunnies…..

I promise to add some pictures soon. My next appointment is this Thursday! I have to take in my birth plan which I am still working on and I really need to pack my hospital bag. I just keep putting it off because it scares me a bit. I am going to focus on getting all that ready this week. We should probably figure out how to install the car seat too! If I go into labor this week we aren’t exactly prepared!