I had my 36 week appointment this morning. We had to go down to the birthing area to meet with the midwife because she was on call and there was a woman there in labor. There was also one that had a baby at 1 am and we could hear the baby cry a bit. It was pretty cool.

The appointment went well. It was Casey’s first time going with me! He will be going to the rest of them and we have our next 4 booked. Hopefully we won’t need a 5th or 6th! He is still head down and she said she could move his head a bit so he wasn’t fully engaged yet. She also said that he feels long, but not too big. I think long is better than big!! She also said that he is in a great position. I apparently was having a Braxton Hicks contraction when I laid down on the bed (I was in the birthing room instead of an exam room). I didn’t even know it! I notice my stomach tighten sometimes, but it doesn’t hurt. At least not yet. It was pretty cool to see my stomach tense up and then relax.

In other pregnancy news I slept much better the last two nights. I think it was going to my exercise classes so I really need to make more of an effort to exercise some. I just get so distracted doing other projects and running errands all the time! I need more time! Or maybe I should stop coming up with new projects. As long as this little guy doesn’t come early I will have at least a week of not working before he arrives and I will have lots of time!

Finally I must apologize for not having a picture to post. We keep forgetting to do it and the weather has been pretty nasty this week so we couldn’t take one outside. I am going to attempt to remember to take one tomorrow, but I will most likely forget again!! Will my brain work after the baby is born or am I doomed?