Well, my luck was bound to run out at some point. I have had a very easy pregnancy and all my tests have come back perfect until now. I tested positive for group B strep. Boo. So I have to get IV antibiotics during labor and there is some risk to the baby, but it is small. In case you don’t know I have a fear of IV’s and I think I am more scared of the IV than I am the labor and delivery. Casey said by the time I get the IV I will be more concerned about the fact that my body is being “split in half”. Perhaps he is correct. I guess I just have to suck it up and deal with the stupid IV. My other issue is not knowing if I am allergic to penicillin. Mom is very allergic and I had a reaction to an antibiotic in middle school so I am trying to find out today what that was and if I have ever been exposed to penicillin. If not I want a skin test or something done first because I don’t think the time to find out is when I am in labor. Strep B can be pretty bad for the baby, but hopefully the antibiotics will help to protect him. I will have to stay at the birth center for 12 hours so they can monitor him. The midwife will also come to our house the next day to check him again. From what I have read most cases in infants show up within the first 24 hours, but it is possible for him to get sick later so we will have to watch him.

In other news Casey is sick yet again. I have managed to go almost 38 weeks now without getting sick. I have been exposed to so many germs, colds, stomach bugs, flu… I managed to fight off all even with my supposedly weakened pregnant immune system. I guess Casey wanted to try one more time to get me sick. I have a feeling he might succeed this time. I really hope I don’t get sick now because I know I will be miserable. I think we are pretty good proof that vitamins, exercise and diet affect your immune system. Not to mention not chewing on your nails and washing your hands. I try to limit my sugar and processed foods, take vitamins, probiotics, digestive enzymes, exercise on a fairly regular basis, get plenty of sleep and wash my hands before eating or after being out in public. Casey does none of these. I really think they all help to build the immune system and keep you from getting sick. At least they seem to work for me. Even if I do get his latest cold I have managed to fight off a lot the last 9 months!!

My other big decision is when to stop working. My original due date was June 9th, but I always knew that wasn’t right. So I had told my boss my last day would be the 4th. I decided this week to work the next week which will take me right up to my due date. I don’t really want to work, but we need the money and I have a feeling he won’t be early. If he ends up 2 weeks late I will have been out of work 3 weeks. So I decided to go ahead and work until at least the 11th assuming he doesn’t show up early. So now the question is do I work the next week? I really don’t want to work and I want some time at home to relax and do my last minute stuff, but I also know I will eventually get bored waiting for him. It is hard not knowing when he will show up. I have a feeling the 11th will be my last day. I am worried I won’t get any time to myself if I work the next week… although I could work a few days of the next week. Ugh, I hate decisions.