38 Weeks

Only a few more weeks! I have decided June 11th will be my last day of work assuming this baby doesn’t show up first. I don’t really think this baby will be showing up early. Of course what do I know! He is in charge and he isn’t letting me know. I am still upset about having to get an IV when I get to the birth center. I am going to talk to them some this week about it so maybe I will be a bit more comfortable with it. I am hoping it is just one bag and then I am done, but I think it depends on how long I am in labor which really sucks. I don’t want a hep-lock and I don’t want them having to give me multiple IV’s. Having some thing stuck in my arm is really going to distract me!! I finally tracked down my pediatric records. Luckily I had them transferred to my family practitioner when I started going there otherwise I don’t think I would have ever found them. The nurse I talked to said there are 107 pages…. I was given Amoxicillin 11 times by 1980 so she is assuming I have no issues with Penicillin. However, I still don’t know for sure what I had an allergic reaction to in the early 90’s. What if I developed an allergy to it? I am still really nervous about getting it. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had an antibiotic. It very well could have been the time I had the allergy in middle school. I don’t really take a lot of drugs. Don’t trust them. So everyone say a little prayer that I don’t break out in hives during labor. I think that may push me over the edge.

There really isn’t much else going on around here. Just cleaning, organizing and preparing for the little guy’s arrival. I try to stay active and it was a really busy weekend so today I decided to just hang out and do nothing. I think I needed a day of doing nothing. I have another busy week, but next week should be pretty low key. I am hoping to get up to the pool at nights because I really enjoy being in the water.

Today I tried to get some more artistic maternity pictures. It didn’t exactly go very well though. I am waiting for my remote to arrive from Amazon so I had to have Casey take the pictures. I got one I really like. One that is okay, but I was hoping to get a few more. I want to try again next weekend. It is hard giving Casey instructions, but setting up the tripod and using the remote won’t be much easier. I will put the two I like below and my usual weekly picture.

 DSC_0360 copy DSC_0373 copy

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  1. I had to have the antibiotics with my first baby. They have to leave it in as long as you are in labor, and possibly for a little while after the baby is born. It’s really not as bad as it sounds. Oh, and you look great! I love the black and white pictures. Make sure you try to get one with your husband’s hands on your belly.

  2. Jennifer told me about the strep B so I thought I would go to you website. Enjoyed reading your up-date. Since you have to have the antibiotic IV it won’t change where you deliver will it?
    You will do great and the IV will be the least of your worries while you are in labor.

  3. Congratulations Lindsay. Hope all went well.