Day 3

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Sleeping on daddy today. For some reason daddy is much more tired than mommy! Not sure what is up with that. 🙂 We are doing great. The birth center sent the RN out yesterday for our home visit. Graham was 6lb 6 oz yesterday when she weighed him and had gained an ounce today. He is a bit jaundice so we go back on Wednesday for another check. The jaundice was already a bit better today so it should be an issue. He had some issues nursing the first day and a half, but is doing really well now.

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  1. Lawson Poling

    Congratulations you two, I mean three! Since you’re quite the shutter bugs it’d be cool to take a periodic baby pic and them put them together and watch a baby grow into a youth, etc. Hopefully it wouldn’t result in a child who ‘freaks out’ later in life when they see a flash!!

  2. The Weldys

    Graham is the sweetest baby ever! So very happy for you guys. Enjoyed looking at your website & photos. You all look fantastic! Savor each day & milestone. It goes by so quickly. Hard to believe Jack is four & just completed his first year of preschool. Love, Suz, Todd & Jack

  3. Rebekah

    Graham is so cute!! I’m so excited for you guys. I’m so glad that everything is going well. I can’t wait to meet him.

  4. valerie

    Baby Graham is too precious! I’m not just saying that because he’s my nephew but it’s just true! Ash still calls his Her Baby Graham! :o)