Well, I wrote this Friday night, but apparently it never got posted so here you go….

One week ago tonight I was working on pushing out baby Graham. Hard to believe it has already been a week. I am in much less pain tonight! I am hoping to work on the birth story tomorrow so I can post it. I will have a nice “edited” version for the front page and all the details for those interested on a separate page. Our doula came by yesterday for our postpartum visit and we were able to talk with her some about the birth and she brought us the CD of pictures she took. I am debating about posting a few of the PG pictures, but not sure yet. It was really nice for me to see them and to hear her talk some about the birth since there is a lot that I don’t really remember or can’t remember the details. When I look back the day went by really quickly. The week has also flown by and I am a little sad that our first week is over. It was so nice just hanging out with Graham and Casey all day. Watching him sleep and make little faces. I was hoping to practice a few newborn pictures, but I haven’t had time to get them done. I am hoping to try a few tomorrow.

I am starting to get a bit more tired as the adrenaline wears off and I get less and less sleep at night. Even still I am so happy and just love being a mom. I adore newborns. I know a lot of people are uncomfortable with the little ones, but they are my absolute favorites. I could just look at him all day which is probably why I get nothing done.

JD is adjusting to Graham. The first two days he protested and spent all his time downstairs as far away from us as possible. Eventually he started coming around us again, but would leave anytime Graham started crying. Now he sticks around even when he cries. He still doesn’t really like Graham and doesn’t want to get too close to him. The bunnies have the most unusual reaction to him. Ever since we brought Graham home the rabbits have been extra friendly. Even Moose who is generally not very nice to us has let us pet her much more. Tuscan craves attention from me. I was finally ready to get on the floor and pet him the other day and he let me pet him forever, even let me touch his feet and belly. Anytime I come over to him he is so excited to get some love and affection. In addition to being extra friendly they have been licking the couches like crazy. Licking just about anything and sniffing at everything. They must be picking up on a scent or something. I got a few pictures of them the other night when they were walking all around and on Casey while cleaning the couches.

 DSC_0605 DSC_0600

Here is Graham’s one week picture. Make sure to check out his collection on flickr – Graham’s Flickr Collection

 DSC_0668 copy2