I wish I could say week two was as wonderful as week one, but I guess they can’t all be great! Sunday of week two (6/13) I woke up with a lot of pelvic pain and by noon I had a fever. I took a nap and woke up with a fever of 101.8. I was concerned since I also had the pelvic pain so I called the birth center and they went ahead and prescribed an antibiotic for me to start taking. We had to make another trip out there Monday morning so the midwife could examine me and determine what type of infection I had managed to get. It was a mild uterine infection and she said it was fairly common. In addition to being on the medication Graham started becoming very gassy (or perhaps because of the medication). The nights became harder since he refused to sleep in the co-sleeper and would wake up with gas pains often. We started giving him some Little Tummies which didn’t seem to do much good, but helps a bit. By Friday I was so exhausted from getting no sleep, getting nothing done during the day since Casey was back at work and would break down in tears almost daily. The weekend was such a blessing because Casey could take Graham for 2-3 hours and I could sleep!! Who would have thought 2 hours of sleep would be so nice. I currently sleep in 15-45 minute intervals depending on the gas situation. Graham also refuses to stay asleep in anything so he ends up next to me most of the time. Casey worries about him being in the bed and so do I, but it is the only way I can get even a little bit of sleep. He can be out cold, in a nice deep sleep and 15 minutes after he is in the co-sleeper he wakes himself up. Every single time! I have tried swaddling, sleep sacks and just about every combination of outfits. We use the sleep sheep, rocker, and swing. He does great until he is left alone with no movement.

If you didn’t get an announcement don’t fret, I had to order more because I ran out so hopefully the next batch will be going out in the next few days. I really hope to get them done tomorrow, but who knows. I also plan to take some more pictures and will hopefully get more posted on flickr soon. The announcements and napping during the day have been taking priority lately. I sleep so much better during the day!! Maybe I should not even go to bed and just live the nights like I live the days!

Here are a couple pictures for you guys until I can get more posted soon.

 DSC_0676_edited-1 copy
 DSC_0773 copy