Okay, this is the toned down, child and man friendly version of events. I will hopefully have the full thing ready to post soon and it will be on a separate page so you don’t have to read it if it is too much. I also will upload a few pictures. Still working on getting those uploaded.

I woke up Friday morning June 4th around 3:30 which was pretty typical for me. I got up, used the bathroom, but when I got back to bed I was getting some painful contractions. Just enough to keep me awake, but nothing horrible. I laid in bed until around 6:30 trying to decide if this was labor or just painful Braxton Hicks. Until that point I had several Baxton Hicks, but none hurt so I thought maybe this was it. I debated on whether I should try to work and something told me it was probably not a good idea. I emailed my boss at 6:30 saying I would not be for the day. I took a Tylenol PM so I could get a bit more sleep and was able to sleep until about 9:30. I got up and looked over all my labor paperwork. I decided to go up to Wal-Mart for a few last minute things and to see if the contractions went away when I walked around. I check out at 11:12 and I still have the receipt. When I got home I decided to time the contractions and they were about 8 minutes about, very short and I was able to continue doing things through them. We learned in our class that early labor should be ignored. Casey took that as ignore me. He was home working and I had to remind him to ignore labor and not me! He started training a co-worker to do a task he was supposed to do that night since the contractions appeared to be getting regular. I worked in the nursery, took pictures of it and some last minute belly shots with Casey’s hands on my belly. The contractions were getting a bit stronger and closer together so at 3:23 I called the birth center. When they called back I talked to Maureen and she thought it was false labor. She suggested sitting in the tub and taking a nap. I called our doula, Michelle at 4:11 to let her know I was having contractions. She also thought it was false labor which was very discouraging for me! How could this not be the real thing!

I got in the tub and tried to lay down, but the pain was too much. The contractions were about 4 minutes apart an getting stronger and longer. I was on the floor crying from the pain. I told Casey to get the doula over here!! He called her at 5:15. When she arrived she was able to calm me down and got me focused. By 7 the contractions were 2 minutes apart and very painful. I felt like I had no break. I could not have done it without Michelle’s help!! At 7:10 UPS delivered our new camcorder and we packed up the car. The drive to Chapel Hill is a blur to me. I was in the back, seat belt on, making tons of grunting noises and gripping anything in site. This was the point I told Casey I couldn’t do it, give me the epidural, I am never doing this again, etc.

We arrived at the birth center a little before 8pm. Maureen checked me expecting me to be about 4cm and to everyone’s surprise I was 10cm, no cervix and the little guy was right there ready to come out! Thank God because I couldn’t take much more!! They started putting water in the tub for me and I jumped in! It was nice and relaxing. Michelle told me to push if I felt the urge and I did. I will leave out the details here since this is the PG version. Graham made his appearance at 10:16pm in the water. It was wonderful and amazing to finally see him. I didn’t have time to get the IV antibiotics since he was born 2 hours after we arrived. I needed 2 doses 4 hours apart. Luckily he was fine and screamed as soon as he was born and for awhile after.

I look at him most days in shock that I grew him and somehow managed to get him out! It really is a miracle. I am very proud of myself for doing it drug free! It was not easy and as of now he will be an only child. 🙂 I am sure I will eventually forget and want another one….