Well, Graham weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces at his 2 week appointment last week! He is getting so big already. I don’t really notice it, but his clothes are getting smaller and he fits much better in his car seat. It makes me sad that I am already packing up some of his clothes. At the same time I am excited for him to get a bit bigger in the hopes he will sleep for longer stretches. I am currently sleeping for about an hour at a time. It really is not fun especially at night and in the mornings. I try to take a nap in the afternoons when he is sleeping. I don’t sleep every time he sleeps b/c I do have to do other things like eat! I don’t really worry much with the cleaning and Casey is doing a great job at helping out around the house and letting me rest. I do need to try to get to bed earlier though. There are just so many things I want to get done and I am not used to not doing things.

Graham is still struggling some with gas issues or what appears to be gas issues. We give him drops and it helps a little. I try to burp him a lot, but sometimes no matter what I do he won’t burp. He seems to have the most trouble at night (of course). He starts screaming in his sleep and seems to be in so much pain. Red faced, tense, back arched and screaming like someone is killing him. Sometimes he will drift back off to sleep and others he wakes himself up and we have to start all over. I wish I knew how to help him. Hopefully it will pass soon. I may need to cut dairy out of my diet to see if it helps. Of course dairy is probably 75% of my diet so that will be really hard for me to do! We are going to the chiropractor today so maybe that will help…..

I posted a ton of pictures on flickr this week. I haven’t taken many lately because he won’t cooperate for me. I hope to get some more shots later this week for his one month photos. Already a month old! The time is flying by…. maybe it is the lack of sleep.

Graham’s Album on Flickr

I need to add the pictures from out Charlotte shower and Casey zip line in the mountains. It is on the long list of things to do. Maybe I will get them posted before the fall. 🙂

 DSC_0079 copy copy
 DSC_0836 copy

My favorite pictures from the birth – look at the relief on dad’s face!!

 Picture 016
 Picture 012

Here is a picture of the rabbits. How cute are they? They are so in love.

 DSC_0065 copy