The month has flow by!! I can’t believe it has already been a month and I am packing up clothes that no longer fit. We continue to have problems with gas and now reflux so most of the time we do not have a happy baby. It really wears on you and he is making me think one kid is enough for us!! We went to the pediatrician on Friday after two very long hard days and got some medicine to help with the reflux. We have been giving him the Mylicon drops, but I probably don’t give it to him enough. I am trying the Gripe Water now in the hopes something will help him. I think we have entered our period of purple crying. 🙂

On a good note he is sleeping longer at night and I think the Miracle Blanket is the key. It is the only wrap that keeps his hands and arms contained. He scares himself and wakes himself if his hands aren’t wrapped and help down. The last two nights he has sleep 3-4 hours at a time! Too bad he is so unhappy during the day. Once he gets the gas/poop out he is usually much happier. I feel so bad that I can’t help him. At his appointment on Friday we found out he is 9 pounds 7 ounces! So despite the reflux and gas he is gaining weight like a champ. I wasn’t expecting him to grow so fast. The cloth diapers I got to try are already getting too small. I am really on the fence with the cloth. They really aren’t hard to use, but I feel like he is always so wet in them. I am sure it is no fun sitting in a wet diaper and the disposables are so good at making him feel dry. Probably too good because the disposables continue to irritate his bottom. So on one hand I don’t like the disposables because they dry out his bottom, yet I like that they keep him drier!! At this point he is so grumpy with the gas and reflux issues that I may just stick with disposable and perhaps try cloth again when he is a bit bigger and feeling better. He hates diaper changes and I feel like I have to change him so much more with the cloth.

Last weekend my Uncle Gary and his girlfriend Christine came to visit. We were so excited they came all the way from Pennsylvania to see us and to meet Graham. They were kind enough to get us a new swing which has become our favorite baby item. We could not live without that swing! Graham sleeps in it all night and I am not sure how we will get him “off” the swing, but we will just figure it out later. If it keeps him sleeping that is where he will sleep for now. It seems to comfort him. He loves moving. I have some pictures of them with Graham in his flickr album.

On Graham’s one month birthday Casey and I went out for a quick bite to eat and a trip to Wal-Mart. This was my third or fourth outing without Graham. I am apparently not one of those mom’s that doesn’t want to leave their baby! In fact I love getting out. Of course I only go out for an hour or so because I want to make sure to get back in time to feed him. I always miss him when I am gone and love seeing him when I get back, but I do cherish my time out. I am looking forward to being able to get out a bit more and exercising! I really miss exercising, especially yoga. I think doing some yoga will really help me!

Note that I have added the full birth story to the site. On the top bar you will see “Birth Story” so if you are interested in reading the full thing you can click there to read it.

Casey wanted me to post this picture he took of me last week. Note this is not safe co-sleeping.


I also wanted to post this picture. Apparently how you sleep is genetic. This is exactly how his daddy and his daddy’s daddy sleep! Head back, mouth open and tongue out (PaPa). He looks so much like Casey as a baby in this picture!


Here is our one month picture. Don’t forget to check out his album of flickr for more pictures.

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