Five Weeks!

So far week five is off to a bit better start than week four. I am looking forward to the day that Graham can master his digestive system and realize his arms are not random objects out to get him. His arms are his nemesis. They wake him up and scare him on a regular basis. He startles very easy especially when he is on the verge of sleep. If I don’t wrap him extra tight he won’t sleep very long because those crazy arms start swinging around and wake him up. I have stopped eating dairy for the most part. The only dairy I have had the last few days is maybe a little butter in baked goods or my dinner last night (we went out again). I also started giving Graham Gripe Water and I am not sure which is making him happier, but we will continue with both for now. He still has his normal newborn breakdowns and likes to make a fuss about pooping, but at least he doesn’t seem to be in pain anymore. He doesn’t wake up from sleep screaming like his leg was cut off. No more arching his back in pain. He still spits up a fair amount, but it doesn’t seem to hurt him like before. We have also been going to the chiropractor. I sure hope he continues to feel better this week!

Our trips to the chiropractor have been an adventure. Gone are the days of things being simple. Get in the car, go to my appointment, maybe run a few errands and come home. Now I have to start packing up 30 minutes before I need to leave (giving myself a 15 minute cushion), get the diaper bag packed, my wallet and keys in the diaper bag, prep the car seat and of course get the little guy ready. Seems like it is always time to leave when he is getting hungry or sleeping. Last week I had to wake him up. Never wake a sleeping baby!! Ugh. I have only made that mistake a few times and only when it can’t be helped. He hates the car seat so he screams as soon as you put him in it. Mom went with me this week after the disaster that was the week before. She sat in the back with him and gave him his pacifier to keep him from crying. We get there and I go back to the room. He is crying so I get him out of the seat (this kid doesn’t have a nice soft newborn cry and never whimpers, he screams at the top of his lungs). He had a poop explosion, all over him, his outfit and the car seat. I scramble to get the diaper supplies out and realize I have no wipes! Great. I use a burp cloth to clean up the best I can, but he is still screaming and I am covered in poop. I have mom come back and she tries to help me. I wash my hands. The doctor comes in and adjusts me, Graham is still screaming for the most part. Then it is his turn. He does not like the chiropractor, but he did calm down after his adjustment. What a mess. We then have to come straight home. No more running errands, no more relaxed outings! Maybe one day we can go out without him screaming the whole time. He also screamed the whole time we were at the birth center the next day. Needless to say I am limiting my trips out with him until he learns to behave!!

Here is a picture from this weekend.

 DSC_0283 copy

Check out this face!

Graham’s Nana, Aunt Valerie and cousins Ashlyn and Darby came to visit today. Here are a couple pictures of Ashlyn holding “Baby Graham”. She was so excited!

 DSC_0317 DSC_0318_edited-1

So the last two days we have had a little pet squirrel on our deck. He lays down and drinks the water on the deck and then hangs out on the railing. Here are a few pictures.




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  1. Gary Scott

    Hey Lindsay . . I’m really enjoying following your blog. You are an excellent writer. Graham is a really cute kid. I understand why you’d be going to a chiropractor due to scoliosis, but why the little guy? Also . . . sent you a book which should arrive in a day or so. It was a gift from a friend who’s wife is the author. I figured you would have better use for the book than me.

    Gary . . .Fort Myers

  2. Gary Scott

    Hey . . .wondering if you will get this. Don’t know what “Your comment is awaiting moderation” is all about.


  3. Administrator

    I got the book yesterday! Thanks. Graham has been seeing the chiropractor to see if it helps his reflux, but so far I am not seeing much of a change so I think I will stop taking him and just go myself. It is hard to tell with him since I have no idea why he is crying. 🙂 It really helps me though!

  4. Gary Scott

    Hey Lindsay, Glad the book came so fast. Won’t be much use until Graham is a little older, but Carol Kennedy seems a well grounded lady . . . her husband Dick and I share breakfast now and then. I’m enjoying reading your blog and hearing from Doug about babysitting. Take care. GS