Six Weeks

This week I determined that Graham needs to be on the Zantec! At least for awhile. I am pretty sure he missed a dose one night because he spit up a lot and sure enough the next day we had lots of screaming after feeding and most of the day. The rest of the week as been much better. We still have lots of crying, but at least it isn’t that painful scream. We also discovered that he loves the exercise ball. Thanks to Christine for recommending it! It has been a huge hit so far, but now we have the problem of him falling asleep while bouncing and then he wakes up when we move him to his room. Graham does not like to sleep. I guess he is more like me than Casey when it comes to sleeping. He fights sleep and wakes up really easily. Of course the more tired he gets the more grumpy he gets and the harder he fights sleep. The good thing is when we do finally get him down at night he sleeps for about 4-5 hours and is usually easy to get back to sleep. Of course he goes back to his 2-3 hour feedings at that point, but at least I am getting a bit more sleep.

We have converted to using the cloth diapers during the day now. We still use disposables at night because I think he does feel more dry especially for that first long stretch of sleep. I am hoping to eventually switch to cloth at night too, but I am still experimenting and learning about this whole cloth thing. The hardest part is that most of his clothes don’t fit over his big diaper! I just have to dress him in bigger sizes or he wears a shirt and his diaper. I do sometimes put him in the disposable so he can wear a cute outfit. He still has problems with diaper rash and since I am using both types of diaper I am not sure which is causing the problem or maybe both. I need to make sure I am rinsing the cloth diapers really well because that can cause rash. The disposables have always caused his bottom to get irritated. The diaper sticks to him and I have to peel it off. Anyway we are using prefolds and covers for now. I ordered some fitted diapers that I get to try for one month and then I can return any that I don’t like minus 10%. At this point fitted diapers won’t really save us much money because each one costs $11-20 and you use them once and have to clean them. Prefolds are much cheaper and I can reuse the covers. When he gets a bit older and is going through less diapers a day I may use the fitteds more because they are easier. Of course by then I may love using prefolds and covers so much I won’t want to switch.

Not too much else going on with us lately. We like to go out on Friday nights for an hour or two and this week we went to Costco. How exciting, huh? It is just nice to get out for a bit. It is hard adjusting to our new life. At least for me. It has been just us for 7 years (together) and just me for 31! You get pretty used to your life and bringing in a baby sure changes it. I am sure it will get easier, just need to adjust and mourn my former life. šŸ˜‰ I also hope to start exercising some soon. I think I will feel much better, but I don’t want to do too much since I am still getting limited sleep. I will start with some gentle yoga because I really miss yoga!

Here are a few pictures I took this weekend. Sorry, I love black and white. Color versions are on Flicker.

 DSC_0401_edited-1 copy

 DSC_0447 copy

 DSC_0443_edited-1 copy

This is one I see a lot….



I got these socks at a consignment sale. I figured Grandpa and Uncle Zach would like them.


Our pet squirrel also entertained us some this week. He continues to hang out on the deck and we are pretty sure this was the same squirrel in the front yard. He has such a strange personality. He was digging an rolling in the dirt.


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  1. I love that second picture of Graham—he definitely has your eyes! I’m glad the exercise ball helped. I used to bounce and sit on it when I was pregnant, and we just assumed that he was used to it from that. I know what it’s like to have a cranky baby, wondering if the crying will ever stop. Well it will, just in time for him to start talking back to you šŸ™‚ Enjoy this time, difficult as it might be, they really do grow up way too fast!