So I never did post more pictures last week so I will add some today. I don’t have too many new 8 week pictures, but he looks pretty much the same as last week if you ask me so you aren’t missing much.

Last week Casey got pooped on AGAIN. I have yet to get poop on me. We have only had poop leak out 3 times and all with the disposable diapers. The cloth have yet to leak on me. They do leak pee though, but always when I put them on wrong. I am having a hard time with the new pocket diapers and I am not sure which I will keep and which will be returned. One day I love them and one day I don’t like them much. I guess I should take a little more time to make sure I have them tight enough. They seem so tight so I make them looser and then I get leaks. I guess tight is the key. When I first started using the cloth diapers I really thought I wouldn’t use them. I didn’t like them and they seemed so bulky compared to the thin disposables, but now I hate using the disposables. I am going to work on getting a good night cloth diaper so I can give up the disposables at night.

Our Friday night out last week was to BJ’s! Yep, another exciting date night. Our membership to Costco was set to run out on July 31st and I wanted to see if we would like BJ’s better before renewing at Costco. BJ’s has more baby stuff – diapers, formula and baby food, but I don’t need any of those things. I was surprised to see how pathetic their produce and meat departments were so we decided to stick with Costco. Plus our favorite part of going to Costco is eating while we are there at their little snack counter. They have great pizza, hot dogs and ice cream. It was an easy decision for us. Oh and Costco has much more organic. We can also go to Sam’s with mom for the things Costco doesn’t carry.

In exciting news my friend Melanie had her baby last Monday. Ethan arrived at 4:30 in the afternoon weighing in at 7 pounds 14 ounces. We are so excited for them and hoping they are getting a little sleep. Something tells me Patrick is getting a lot more than Melanie! I haven’t seen many pictures yet. I can’t possibly understand why it is taking so long to send out pictures. 🙂 I can’t wait to see Ethan in a few weeks.

As promised a few pictures:

Cousin Greg and Christine with Graham


Family Portrait

 DSC_0508 copy

And Graham!

 DSC_0560 copy


One day I will figure out how to better center the pictures. I pretty much have no idea how to do anything on this website which is why it is pretty basic. Perhaps I will learn in my free time. Ha!!