2 month appointment

Yesterday Graham went in for his 2 month well baby check up. He weighs 12 pounds 3 ounces and is 23 1/2 inches long! When he was born his height and weight were pretty low on the charts, but he is now above average on both. I hope he slows down a bit with the growing though or my arms are going to fall off in a few months. Not to mention my poor back! Dr. Fennell said Graham looks great, has great back muscle strength and good head control. We decided to skip all the 2 month vaccines and he was fine with our decision.

Since I was Group B Strep positive I had to make sure I was not allergic to penicillin. So I tracked down my old medical records to make sure I had been given it and was okay to get it during labor (even though I ended up not getting it due to my super fast labor!). Out of curiosity I requested my doctor send a copy of all my records including my pediatric records. I knew I was really sick as a baby with asthma, but didn’t know many detail and mom/dad didn’t remember much. A couple weeks ago I got a big envelope in the mail and when I picked it up I thought to myself “I don’t remember buying a book online”. I start flipping through it and found it all very interesting, but didn’t think much else about it until I was reading a vaccine book last week. The book (which is not anti-vaccine) was discussing the autoimmune diseases associated with vaccines and a possible link between various vaccines and diseases. One section was on childhood asthma and discussed how the DTP vaccine when given to 2 month olds increased their chances of having asthma. So I got out my records the next day and looked at my vaccine records compared to when I got sick…. I received the MMR shot on 1/28/80 and within the next week I was sick (I had DTP at 2 months). It is hard to read all the notes, but the typical vaccine side effects are all there – fever, crying, etc. However I didn’t get better and starting having breathing/wheezing issues. My doctor was treating me with some drug for weeks and eventually I ended up in the hospital. My first of over 8 visits in the next year. After my DTP and Polio vaccine in April of that same year I was back in the hospital and made a trip there almost every month. I was on tons of drugs and had all kinds of breathing/asthma issues for just over a year. By the time Zach showed up in April of 1981 I was doing much better and never had to be admitted to the hospital again. Now, there is no proof and maybe I would have gotten sick without the shots. Maybe I would have gotten sick later or never… we will never know, but I honestly believe the vaccines made me that sick. After reading my records there was no way Graham was getting shots so early. Studies have shown that getting DTaP just 2 months later reduces the risk of childhood asthma by 50% and considering I had it Graham has a higher risk. I am sure you won’t all agree with me and that is fine. I understand the importance of vaccines, but I do think we have gone a little overboard in recent years. There are so many to give them at such a young age. I do question the impact it has on the immune system. I also do believe some children have a hard time getting the chemicals/toxins in the vaccine out of their bodies. I am planning to do a lot more research before his 4 month appointment. I need to weight the risks of the disease vs. the vaccine. I am still doing some research and we may start one or two at his 4 month visit. I am planning to wait on most until he is older though.

Here are a few picture I took on the drive to the doctor yesterday.

 DSC_0644 copy


Pictures from earlier in the week.


I took at least 5 pictures and this was the best one of Casey… I’m just saying.

 DSC_0633 copy

Too cute!!


Here is one of our pet squirrel.


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  1. Uncle Gary and Christine

    Hats off to you Lindsay for being proactive in Graham’s health. We think it’s great that you take the time to research things such as vaccines, etc. and that Casey and yourself make wise decisions on Graham’s behalf.