10 Weeks

What a crazy week! Casey was in High Point Tuesday through Thursday so it was just me and Graham. Luckily my parents live near me so they could help out a bit. Otherwise it would have been difficult to eat dinner. Tuesday night I went to mom and dad’s for dinner which was actually a lot of work for me! I had to pack up his diaper bag, bouncy chair and him. Graham isn’t one of those babies that loves the car sear or falls asleep in the car. He isn’t the baby you can take to a restaurant and let chill in the car seat while you have a meal. Nope, he hates that thing. One of us usually has to ride in the back with him to keep him calm or we have to deal with the top of his lungs screaming. I will be getting that scream on video one day soon so you can all experience it. Boy can he scream. I am surprised he doesn’t hurt his throat. At any rate, going anywhere with him is difficult because he gets so worked up in the car on the ride that when you get there he is a pill to deal with!

So Tuesday I took him out to my work so I could let my boss know I decided to not come back. It was really hard for me to go out there and I felt so bad leaving her with no help. I was her only employee. For those that don’t know my work is about 30 minutes from the house. I took Graham because I really didn’t have a choice and because I wanted my boss to see him. When I was about 10 minutes away the screaming started and continued the rest of the way there. He did settle down some right before I pulled into the parking lot. Turns out he spit up all over himself which was why he was crying. The car seat pushes on his tummy and he always spits up a lot when he is in it…. did I mention we hate the car seat? Graham did pretty good on the visit to work, but after about an hour he had enough and started crying, loudly. So we left. I got about 2 minutes down the road and the screaming started again so I had to pull over and give him a little of the bottle I brought with me. That was enough to settle him down and he slept the rest of the way home.

I am really excited about being a stay at home mom, but we do worry about finances. It is a huge pay cut for me to not work so it should be interesting. Luckily we are both good with money. Casey would not agree, but when I have to cut back I do it. I have to admit when you have a little extra money it is easy to let yourself splurge every now and then. I tell him all the time it could be much worse! I really don’t spend as much money as he seems to think. I am the one that gets all the groceries and household items. I buy clothes for both of us and spent lots on gas when I was working. There is nothing he has to buy! We just have to cut back and I think we will be fine. It is the 13th and so far I have done pretty good with my budget. I have to admit I do have a few things I really want to get, all for Graham, but I am trying to wait to see how the rest of the month looks first.

Most of the week Graham refused to take a nap during the day which makes for a very cranky and angry baby by the end of the day. He is so tired, but he just hates sleeping. Today he took a good nap in the morning and then two little (very) short naps in the afternoon. He has started to discover his activity mat and other play toys. He loves to look at them all and bat at the toys hanging down. He spends a lot of time playing with them and it is fun to see his little mind starting to put things together. He also discovered he can put his hands in his mouth and will use them every now and then to put himself back to sleep. He slurps so loud on them though that it wakes me up! He usually has the right hand in his mouth so does that mean he will be right handed? He does grab at a couple toys with what appears to be some intention, but mostly he just throws his arms around hitting anything in site. I suppose with all these new things to see and do he doesn’t want to sleep. Sleep is boring! He is still only sleeping in his swing at night and I am not sure how we are going to break him of that habit. I will occasionally put him in the crib and he sleeps about 5-15 minutes in it before screaming. We need to get a better mattress soon so we can put him in the crib at night. I anticipate a lot of sleepless nights for both of us.

We are also getting lots of smiles which is my favorite thing! I can be having a terrible day and so fed up with him, but then he smiles and it is all okay. I also love to watch him sleep. So sweet when he is sleeping.

Here are a few pictures I took this week.

 DSC_0737 copy


 DSC_0749 copy

Look at all these toys!


JD now likes to sleep under the co-sleeper. The co-sleeper is downstairs now since Graham refused to sleep it in. It is now a play toy. 🙂


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  1. So, since you hate the carseat, please share. What kind is it? Was it recommended by a friend or found via research?

    On a side note…... Babies, especially boys can get inguinal hernias from crying hard. It is one of the most common surgeries we see in infants (besides circumcisions). Not trying to scare you. Just wanted to make you aware in case something doesn’t feel right!

  2. Administrator

    It is the Graco Snugride 32 and it seems like a good seat, but he just hates being in it. He is getting better with being in it. I think the first month it really made his acid reflux bad because it smashes his little tummy when he is in it making him spit up more. He spits up in it a lot because of the angle, but I am wondering if it would be the same in any infant car seat. A friend said her baby was the same and they switched to a convertible seat which worked better.