11 weeks, our first trip, hurt foot and a new knee

This post is a few days late because we took our first trip this weekend! We are paying the price now as Graham has refused to sleep all day. Of course this isn’t really anything new, but last week he was doing better. He still sleeps like a champ at night and is such a sweet, happy baby in the morning. He takes a nap first thing in the morning and then the rest of the day is a struggle. I don’t mind if he is up, but he gets so cranky and by bedtime he is so exhausted, but still refusing to sleep. When he isn’t tired he is a great baby! Thanks to his inability to sleep we are quickly establishing some bad habits. Sleeping in the swing, sleeping on us, but when he is exhausted and you are exhausted you will do anything to get them to sleep even for a few minutes.

Anyway, back to our trip. We left Raleigh Saturday morning and I rode in the back with him. I think I said several times, “If we had a minivan _ would be so much easier”. I look forward to the day we have a minivan because a car doesn’t cut it with a kid. Our goal is to get one when my car dies or when we have another kid, whichever comes sooner. At this point it will probably be the death of my car since at this time I have NO plans of having another baby anytime soon. Graham did pretty good in the car, but I did have to entertain him some, put in the pacifier and give him a little bit of a bottle to keep him calm. He slept some, but very little. We did stop once each direction to change his diaper and give him a bit to eat. On the way home yesterday we decided driving over 18 hours to Michigan in March for my cousin’s wedding was out of the question!! So we have to make the decision – do I go alone for 3 days or do we all fly….. We will just have to decide later. However, I can’t imagine such a long car ride with a 9 month old baby.

When we arrived in Charlotte Saturday we went to see my friend Melanie and her new baby Ethan. Ethan is 4 weeks old today! He was so tiny compared to Graham and I couldn’t believe how light he felt when I held him. I really don’t remember Graham being so small and it was only 2 months ago! Ethan is a perfect little angel and cute as a button. He sleeps!! Ahh…. a sleeping baby. How nice would that be? His little cries were so tiny, nothing compared to Graham. I should have gotten the camcorder out tonight. From the minute Graham was born he has been a crier. I believe this to be my punishment for being a fussy baby that also refused to sleep. What goes around comes around I guess. Perhaps one day Graham will have a baby like him! I got to spend the day with Melanie and Ethan while Casey worked on his sister’s computer. We had so much fun hanging out with our babies all day. It is so nice to talk to another new mom and compare stories, tips, etc. Graham didn’t sleep much while we were there, but he did get a couple cat naps in while we were there. After our visit we went to Casey’s parent’s house so Graham could see his nana and papa. He was pretty cranky by this point so they didn’t get to spend too much time with him before we went to bed, but his nana did hold him until he fell asleep. We brought the swing with us and he slept like a champ all night just like at home. I on the other hand got very little sleep. I am not used to the swing being in the room and it is so loud. I also wake up around 4-5am most morning with very sore, leaking boobs! Sorry all you men out there, but it must be said. If you breastfeed having your baby sleep all night is both a blessing and a curse. Engorgement is no fun. Even though Graham sleeps a long time I don’t get that luxury. I know breastfeeding is best and it is free so we will continue, but sometimes I think life would be so much easier with formula!!

Graham was in a pretty good mood Sunday morning and we left around 3 to head back to Raleigh. By the time we got home he was really tired. I mean seriously…. I thought babies slept in the car? Since he hadn’t had much sleep all day he went to bed pretty good for us last night after a couple break downs. This morning he was all smiles as he usually is, but those smiles quickly faded as he refused naps most of the day. Today was a tough day. I had to take JD to the vet because he hurt his foot several weeks ago. It was strange because he would be fine for several days or more and then all the sudden start limping again. Last night it was really bad, but this morning he was walking on it fine. I had to leave him at the vet which is close to RTP so they could take x-rays. Of course I ended up having to pick him up at around 5 so had to deal with a ton of traffic on the way home. $300 later we still don’t know for sure what is wrong and the vet is going to consult with an orthopedic vet this week. For now he is confined to the bedroom (with the bed blocked from him) and is on a few medications for the pain and swelling. This cat costs us a fortune.

Mom also went in today for her knee replacement surgery, but I didn’t get to go see her since the surgery was delayed and she didn’t get in her room until late. I did talk to her and she sounds a bit drugged right now, but the surgery went well and they fixed up her knee. I am sure the next few weeks won’t be fun, but it will be worth it when she is recovered. I know she is looking forward to being able to play and carry Graham with her new knee. So in addition to mom being in the hospital, Graham refusing to sleep, the cat on several medication (I do everything for him – food, pills, water, litter, etc) Casey is going to be out of town two days this week! Ugh…. here’s hoping Graham sleeps good tomorrow so I can get a few things done!!

Okay, last thing… thanks to my friend Kelly I am getting into this couponing thing. Anyone else out there doing it? Any advice or favorite sites? I have always done a good job of only buying sale items and using coupons, but I never leave with tons of stuff for a few bucks. That is my new goal. 🙂

Pictures for the week

Here are a few of the cutest baby in the world. 11 weeks old


The drooling is starting already
 DSC_0859 copy

This is Casey’s idea of babysitting. I left Graham here with him while I went to pick up JD from the vet. Notice the webcam on the exercise ball? Yep, Casey was upstairs while Graham was all alone downstairs.

Ethan and Graham
 DSC_0876_edited-1 DSC_0880_edited-1
We made them mad… it was hilarious both crying at the same time!
 DSC_0887_edited-1 copy
The six of us!

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