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JD the cat has been trapped in a small corner of our bedroom for over a week now and he isn’t happy about it. Neither am I since he makes tons of noise at night making it hard for me to sleep! I am also not fond of having a litter box in my bedroom. After x-rays and 4 trips to the vet (so far) we still aren’t positive we know what the problem is, but it looks like it is a torn ligament. There isn’t a fracture and there was some debate as to whether the joint is affected and needs to be drained. When I took him in Wednesday to have a splint put on the two vets felt like the joint probably didn’t need to be drained. Let’s hope that is the case because it will require a day at the vet and sedation… $$$$ Our vet has consulted with a specialist and the other vets in her office and he is referred to as an “interesting case”. Lovely. The thing that is throwing them all off is that he seems fine for a day or so and then all the sudden he is limping and swollen again. I figure the injury just can’t heal because he keeps walking, jumping etc. So he is now trapped and bandaged in an attempt to let it heal completely. I have to take him back today so they can reapply the splint and I am sure he will have to go at least once next week.

 DSC_1013 DSC_1015

The balloon was actually for my mom when she was in the hospital last week. Dad got it for her and they gave it to us so Graham can look at it (which he loves). I thought it would be cute to put it in with the cat for awhile to cheer him up. He wasn’t interested, too drugged up I guess.

Mom’s surgery went well and she has been home since last Thursday. I am not sure if I mentioned in previous posts, but she had knee replacement surgery on her left knee last Monday (23rd). She is also on lots of drugs like the cat. 😉 Graham and I go over and visit her so she can get her fix, but hopefully she will be able to come visit us soon! She gets around really well, but can’t drive yet due to all the pain medication she is taking. Graham loves to go sit with her and he talks to her a lot! I hope to post a video of them together soon. It is on my very long and never ending list of things to do.

There isn’t much else going on around here lately. I am dying to get out in the yard and work on the garden, but it is just too hot. I am really ready for it to cool off some, bring on fall. My favorite season. Our grass looks horrible. I am not sure if it is the brown spot mold or just the fact that I can’t seem to remember to water it anymore! I really don’t know why we even try to get grass to grow because we are terrible at it and it looks bad most of the year. It looks good for about a month in the spring and fall. Next year I need to really stay on top of watering it.

My good friend Allison is having a baby this month and I am so excited. They didn’t find out the sex so it is extra exciting. Will Graham have a little boy or girl to play with? I also get to find out what two of my other friends are having this month, both due in February. This is the second for both of them. So many new babies lately. Whenever I see a newborn I am shocked at how tiny they are compared to Graham. He has changed so much in 3 short months.

Oh, I also wanted to post some pictures Casey took of our hummingbird. He is very into nature photography. I wish he was this excited about taking pictures of me with Graham. There are NONE of those around!! Anyway, he set up the tripod and got out the big zoom lens. We were shooting from in the house through the glass door so it isn’t as crisp as it could be, but we didn’t want to scare the hummingbird. He got some pretty good shots. Maybe this weekend I can convince him to take some of me with Graham.

 DSC_0800-2 DSC_0832 DSC_0800 DSC_0804 DSC_0795 DSC_0794 DSC_0802 DSC_0819

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  1. That’s a mighty nice hummingbird feeder you go there 🙂