Graham had a pretty good week last week. He is really a good baby except when he is sleepy or if he gets hungry, but I am the same way. I get really cranky if I am either hungry or sleepy. Lately I seem to be both all the time so have been extra cranky too. I miss those weeks when Graham slept all night!

We went all week without the Zantec!! So excited that I don’t have to give him medicine anymore. He still spits up a ton, but that’s pretty normal for babies. At least it doesn’t seem to bother him anymore and he isn’t in pain from it.

This past week he has become even more animated and loves to talk. He has several different voices. When he gets up in the morning he coo’s and talks to himself for a long time in a very sweet and happy voice. Then at night when he is tired he likes to yell at us a bit before finally going to sleep (this is different than the crying, it is like he is yelling I don’t want to sleep yet, then he cries). He also randomly shouts and then smiles proudly at his accomplishment. He all the sudden loves being in the car and talks a lot while we drive around. He can see out the back window better now and he seems to like watching all the trees, buildings and signs go by. He is grabbing at everything now and trying to get it all in his mouth. It amazes me how fast his little nails grow and how sharp they are!! Some days he loves to have his hands in his mouth and slurps on his hands and fingers. Other days he wants nothing except the pacifier. We aren’t the best at doing tummy time with him, but he has really good head control and often tries to sit up when we are holding him. Not that he will be sitting anytime soon, but he likes to try. I am not really worried about his head control, but do worry that he isn’t getting the upper body strength he needs to push up. I really need to do more tummy time with him.

This morning I had to take him with me when I took JD to the vet and he did wonderful. He talked to himself the whole way out there (almost 30 minute drive), sat in the office the whole time looking around and then he almost made it home without having a breakdown. When I was about 10 minutes from the house he started to lose it and cried the rest of the way home. Moments before I was thinking to myself how great the morning had been and how happy he was considering I had woken him up from a nap to take him. The vet appointment went well and I was feeling good. Then the crying started and I of course missed every single light and they seemed to stay red for hours! As if listening to screaming for 10 minutes wasn’t bad enough as I turned onto our street JD decided to puke up the entire contents of his stomach. The baby food they gave him at the vet, the treats they gave him and his breakfast. It was all over him and his new splint that can’t get wet. So when I got home I took Graham out the car seat that was cooking him (why in the world do they make those stupid things so hot) and carried him in one arm and JD in his puke filled carrier in the other arm, up the stairs and into the bedroom. Then I let JD out in his enclosure and he got puke all over the carpet. So much for my perfect morning.

Anyway, JD is doing better and we have to continue to keep him confined and a split on his leg for a few more weeks. Anything to avoid surgery!

So in my last post I mentioned I would update on the cloth diapers. I have really grown to love them and hate the times I have to put him in the disposables. I started out with just prefolds and covers and was told this was the cheapest option. However I don’t really see how that is true unless you factor in having another child. I have started adding some more pocket diapers to our stash and I love them. I like having some of both and the pockets aren’t as bulky which helps with dressing him. I have to put him in bigger clothes when he wears the cloth diapers. I really love my Bum Genius diapers and just ordered a few more. They should last until he is potty trained. I hope they hold up because that is a lot of washing!! For now I will continue with half prefolds and half pockets. I am dying to get him in cloth at night, but first I need to get him sleeping in the crib!

Here are a few pictures of Graham at 14 weeks.


What is she talking about?