This is going to be a short post for now, but wanted to add a quick update. My allergies are killing me the last few days so I have no energy. Oh and I only get about 4 hours of sleep at night. So I don’t have any pictures to post yet, but I am working on some for later this week. Just need to get up the energy to do it.

Graham has had a big week! Sunday he rolled onto his left side all by himself for the first time. I was so excited. You would have thought he walked! I have been working with him during the day and helping him to roll to the side and then we do tummy time. Sunday he was reaching with his upper body which he has been doing for awhile. Then he finally figured out how to lift up his butt and roll it to the side. He farted at the same time he rolled and Casey said the fart probably propelled him over. He did it a few more times, but by the time I got the camcorder out he was done and hasn’t done it since. He loves grabbing his feet now and for any of you that have been in a yoga class, he reminds me of the happy baby pose every time. He loves to lift his butt and legs up off the ground too. It reminds me of those awful ab exercises where you lay on your back and lift up your hips. He is probably stronger than me at this point. He is growing like a weed and I have to retire a few of his 3 month outfits. The 3-6 still fit, but the 3 month are too small now. So we don’t have many options lately. If the weather doesn’t cool off soon he is going to be wearing a diaper all day. That might actually be a good idea anyway since he spits up and drools so much now I can’t keep him dry! He loves going for walks and riding in the car as long as he isn’t hungry or hot. He is still talking a lot and smiling all the time. We are trying to stick to a little bit better daytime routine and have started a bedtime routine in the hopes it helps him settle down easier for naps and bed time. He loves his bath, but for about a week he hated it. He would pull his arms and legs out of the water and was always in tears by the end. Thankfully that didn’t last long and he is enjoying it again.

I will update again later this week, but for now I will rest even though my house is a wreck. It has never been so dirty and unorganized. I really don’t even care anymore. I am too tired to care. So I think I will grab a snack and rest while Graham is taking his nap. He could wake up at any moment!!