It is really hard for me to believe that Graham is almost 4 months old. It won’t be long until he is crawling around and getting into everything. We are trying to enjoy these last few months of being able to put him on the ground and knowing he won’t go anywhere! Or at least not far. This week he started really working on rolling over. He gets so frustrated that he can’t quite get all the way over and I figure once he does he will be even more frustrated that he will then be stuck on his stomach. He is getting pretty good at rolling to his side, but never when I have the camcorder out to catch it. If motivated he will do it, but most of the time he is still content to lay on his back batting and grabbing at the toys.

Last night I put together his new toy. I don’t really know what to call it… jumparoo I guess. It was a pain to put together, but I did it all by myself. It is a pretty fun toy and I like the little songs. Well, for now. I expect them to get really old and annoying, but for now it is nice to have some new noises and songs! I am getting pretty sick of the songs on the activity mat. We put him in the jumparoo and he was mildly amused by it, but it was late and he was tired.


The lip came out after about a minute in the new toy.


This week he started talking even louder and loves to shout and fuss at me. He has been getting up more and more at night so I have been extra tired lately. Plus Casey was out of town some last week which made for very long and tiring days. I also started working more on getting him in the crib last week which made for even more crying. It was a tough week, but the weekend has been much better. I went back to putting him in the swing for a few days and now he goes right to sleep. I dread trying the crib again, but we will go back to that today. I have been doing a little nap time and bed time routine and it seems to be helping. He doesn’t scream when I try to put him down anymore. At least not lately. Wish me luck this week!

I really want to take a few “staged” photos of him with some of my backgrounds and props, but it is such a pain to get it all together and it seems like he likes to have a mental break down the days I get it all set up. I do want to do a few soon though so maybe this week. I am pushing Casey to take Friday off so if I can manage to get him to take off I can maybe get some done then. Of course getting Casey to take a day off work is almost impossible.

Here are a few pictures from this week.


With my dad.

I look like crap, but here is one with me. I pretty much look like crap all day every day lately. I liked this one because Graham is sticking out his tongue.

 DSC_1174 copy