As my loyal fans may know the site was down some the last few days so I am just now getting a chance to update. We also started working on getting Graham in the crib again this weekend so the last few days there has been very little sleep and lots of crying. I am changing my plan of naps in the crib and nights in the swing to naps in the swing and nights in the crib. It is actually much easier to get him to sleep in the crib at night… well, at least for now. Let’s see if that continues. I guess during the day he is too wired to sleep so the swing helps to trick him into sleeping. The last few weeks he has been waking more and more at night even in the swing so I figured it was as good a time as any to switch to the crib since none of us are sleeping anyway. I guess it is pretty common for babies to sleep regress at this age. He went from sleeping 7-9 hours at night to sleeping 2-4 hours. No fun for me.

Graham is very close to rolling over now, but doesn’t really seem all that motivated to do it. Most days he only tries a few times. Men. So lazy! He can get his entire lower body over now and his torso, but hasn’t figured out how to get the shoulders over. Now that he has some more strength he is beginning to enjoy tummy time. His favorite thing is to look at himself in the mirror on his mat. He is still drooling a lot and putting everything in his mouth, but doesn’t really do much with his teethers yet. He chews on his pacifier a lot, but not much else. I tried giving him a cold teether and got a very strange and angry face. I guess he isn’t used to cold things yet. He is enjoying his jumparoo more and more, but doesn’t really know how to do anything on it yet. He just likes to stand there and stare at it all while I play with all the toys. He smiles a lot, but doesn’t really laugh yet. He does a little laugh face, but no sound comes out. He makes tons of other sounds though and is very vocal and very loud. He is happiest in the morning and will talk to you for a long time or he will talk to himself if no one else is around.

I am hoping to write more later this week, but since I managed to get him sleeping (for now) I need to get to bed! I did want to post a few pictures for you all tonight. Enjoy!

A face we saw A LOT this weekend….


His favorite part of the bedtime routine. He loves bath time!!


After his bath, all smiles and talking until I put the pj’s on and then the fussing starts.

 DSC_1263 copy


 DSC_1265 copy