It was a year ago today that we found out we were pregnant with Graham. We were in Disney World and I got up early to pee and figured I would go ahead and take the test while I was up. I didn’t want to do it on my birthday in case it was negative. To my shock it was positive!! I went back to sleep without saying anything to Casey and when we got up in the morning (a few hours later) I showed him the test and he said “good job”. Yep, “good job”. Casey isn’t exactly an “emotional” guy. He was pretty protective of me the rest of our vacation and didn’t want me riding any jerky rides. We were there during a heat wave and the heat index most days was in the 100’s. It was SO hot. The day we found out we spent the day at Animal Kingdom and had dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe. Yes, I remember where we ate each night of our vacation a year ago. Casey gives me a hard time because I can’t remember useless facts from high school and college, but I can remember people, places and stories for years. He was surprised last night when I reminded him of where we had dinner on my birthday last year and what we did that day. We also went back to the Magic Kingdom that night for extended hours. He didn’t remember any of it. Anyway, we got a call a year ago today that our offer on the land in Louisburg had been accepted. It was a bit shocking to find out you are pregnant (meaning more expenses and less money) and then to find out you now have to pay for the land you were looking to purchase.

So a year later here I sit typing while Casey tries to get Graham to sleep. The vacuum is running, the screaming has been going for about 30 minutes. I got about 5 hours of sleep last night. No, not in a row. In 1-2 hours increments. I feel like a walking zombie. Our land hasn’t been touched in a year. It is a mess and I feel terrible about it. Our neighbors have to look at our overgrown land every day! Sometime this fall or winter we need to get someone out there to clean it up and we have to figure out what to do with it. How it make it a bit nicer looking. We won’t be moving out there anytime soon. Way too far out. They need to get a Target and a few more grocery stores first.

As much as I love the little guy I think last year was a little bit better of a day. 😉

Here we are last year at Animal Kingdom.


I don’t have the ones of our land in Flick yet so I will add those tomorrow.