Enjoying tummy time now that he can hold up his head!

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Almost rolling over…. if only he would try more he could do it, but he doesn’t seem very motivated.


This new toy isn’t as scary as it used to be and now he really enjoys it, but still doesn’t really “play” with it, but stares at it and drools all over it.



His first vaccine! I would say first shot, but he got the vitamin K shot when he was 12 hours old.


My friend Donna gave him this blanket and I have been wanting to take some pictures of him with it forever! I am fighting my flash right now and almost all of them were too dark, but these two weren’t too bad. I am clueless when it comes to using my flash. I really need to learn how to use it better. I am pretty good with it except when using a background. It really messes up the lighting.

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I love this face.

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How cute is this outfit Thanks Colleen and Rick.

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Is he not the cutest?

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Here is my latest consignment sale loot. I spent about $90, but got 4 pairs or Robeez, several coats and sweaters, winter hats, bibs, socks, toys, a basket and tons of clothes (several complete outfits). Not too shabby if you ask me. Lots of name brand stuff too.


Finally here are a few of the bunnies. I made apple crunch last weekend and I gave them some of the apple peels which they loved!! Tuscan was a grump as usual and didn’t like having his picture taken so he tried to drag the peels into his box.